BTS: IU’s reaction to hearing Jungkook’s name

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BTS: IU's reaction to hearing Jungkook's name

Through social networks, a video has gone viral where the IU reaction is observed when she hears the name of the “Golden Maknae” Jungkook of BTS, because the face she made surprised many, since she seemed happy when they mentioned him at one of their concerts in the city of Busan, in South Korea.

How did the moment happen?

The youngest member of BTS has stated on more than one occasion his feelings for Korean singer IU. In fact, he has mentioned that in addition to being his ideal type, the “LILAC” singer is one of his favorite singers. For this reason, it was not a surprise to see the maknae coming out of their concerts a few weeks ago. However, Lee Ji-eun has not been seen at any Bangtan Boys event, but on one occasion she reacted after a fan shouted Jungkook’s name and her face left much to talk about.

In the video circulating on the internet, the “Twenty-Three” singer is seen during a show in Busan inviting her fans to visit that place, as she says it is the city of passion. Faced with this, one of his followers took on the task of shouting the name of the “Golden Maknae” because he was born there. For her part, IU did not hesitate to smile, as she immediately noticed that they shouted the nameof the BTS member who loves her.

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“She loves Jungkook’s hometown” and “I love that couple, hopefully one day they can be together” were some of the reactions of netizens, who were in favor of one day both singers being boyfriends. On the other hand, there were also those who recalled that Jimin, who turns 27 this October 13, is from Busan and commented that he was born first from Kookie.

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