Can UK Players Use Credit Cards At Online Casinos

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Can UK Players Use Credit Cards At Online Casinos

Credit cards are one of the most appealing and the most common payment methods used for online gambling. It is one method that almost all gamblers use at some point. 

But, this isn’t an option for UK casinos. Due to new regulations, using credit cards isn’t an option anymore. Luckily, there are alternatives. 

Why Are Credit Cards Banned In the UK

Credit cards are banned from online casinos with the UKGC licence due to strange reasons. Yes, the idea behind it looks solid, but once you understand the whole story, you will see a pointless reaction. 

This decision just made gambling more complicated and nothing more. Add the fact that there are still multiple casino sites that accept credit cards listed on and you can deduce why this decision doesn’t make any sense. 

If a player has a credit card he can gamble using numerous ways. But, because the credit card itself option is removed from the list, a player will simply create an e-wallet using his card. As such, he can still gamble and he will still use the same funds on that card. This is the reason why this regulation is useless and honestly doesn’t do anything.

According to the officials, there are over 800.000 people in the UK who have been using credit cards for online gambling. More than 175.000 have gambling issues. By removing credit cards from online gambling support, officials believe they will decrease addiction because they will make access to funds for gambling harder. 

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The goal is to make it impossible to gamble with the money a player doesn’t have. But, a player will simply move to the next casino and continue gambling. As such, this restriction doesn’t have any real effect. 

Although the goal is to discourage people from gambling, due to many options and variations this one isn’t effective. UK officials believe that just because many people have credit cards, they will use them for gambling. In reality, many UK people use various payment methods and most of them can be used for gambling online. 

How To Use Credit Cards For UK Players?

As you should know, using credit cards for gambling in UK casinos isn’t an option. All sites that have UKGC licence and all of the biggest names have, must remove support for credit cards from their payment method lists. These cannot be used, period. 

Yes, there is an option to play casino games and enjoy using a credit card still. The thing you need or better said a website you need is an online casino that has no UKGC licence. These are online casinos that still use SSL encryption, have an impressive level of safety, and come with all the games you can imagine. But, they still don’t have a licence from the mentioned gambling authority. Don’t worry, they are still safe to gamble at.

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All you need to do here is to create a new account and deposit funds. An interesting fact is that almost all casinos outside the UKGC will accept all kinds of credit and debit cards. Then we can see that you can use them for deposits and withdrawals without any additional steps etc. Now you can gamble and enjoy. 

But, this is not all. There are additional benefits these casinos offer. Some of them are new online casinos that want to attract even more gamblers. Others have been with us for decades. In both cases, you need to expect very high bonuses. These sites don’t have to pay for expensive UKGC licence, UK taxes, or anything similar so they can offer that money to players. For instance, you can get a 2-5 times bigger welcome bonus at an international online casino than from a UK casino. 

When gambling at one of these casinos you still get additional advantages. For example, you can see that there are no limits that are common in UK casinos. You can place any bet you like and even play more games. Due to annoying and extremely delicate UKGC regulations, not all games, software providers or bet options are available anymore. At casinos we are discussing, all of this is allowed. In general, a player has more freedom and entertainment while gambling and can enjoy more. 

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Some of these casinos are available without any verification. What this means is that you will create a new account, you can deposit using a credit card and you can play games immediately. You don’t need to send personal information and then wait for days until they are approved. Many UK players don’t like sending personal documents at all so this is a major advantage to them. 

Last but not least, as a player at one of these casinos you can still contact customer support, play fair games and so much more. They have various gambling licences, just not one from UKGC. 


UK players cannot use credit cards for gambling at UK casinos. But, they can use it at other casinos that don’t have a UKGC licence. If you really like using credit card transactions for gambling, pick a casino that supports this payment method and enjoy it. There are always many alternatives you can use. 

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