Captain America: Marvel Reveals New Comic! Deets Inside

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Marvel bets on inclusion once again.

Marvel continues to bet on inclusion; now presents on social networks a new comic with an indigenous Captain America.

Marvel continues with the intention of being inclusive in its future projects, which is why through its official social networks it has announced that the saga The United States of Captain America will introduce a new character: The first indigenous Captain America.

According to the information revealed, which brings to you, this new character named Joe Gomez will have a story written by Darcie Little Badger, who is part of the Apache group Lipán, and will be designed by artist David Cutler, who is a member of the Qalipu First Nation.

Marvel is committed to inclusion by presenting two new Captain America: One gay and the other indigenous.
Likewise, the third installment of The United States of Captain America will introduce Aaron Fisher as the first gay Captain America, who will see the coming-out of Joe Gomez, a member of the Kickapoo tribe. According to the story, Joe helps Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson after a thief steals their precious shield.

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In this regard, Little Badger explained that Joe Gomez is a construction worker who uses his skills to help end the destruction after the attacks of aliens or villains. He also loves to help his community and does not charge the elders of the tribe,

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“I know a lot of people like Joe, many of them are my indigenous relatives, so it was wonderful to help develop a character with their values, strength, and extreme crane-operating skills,” said writer Darcie Little Badger. For his part, David Cutler said that creating an indigenous character for Marvel is important to him.

When will the indigenous Captain America debut?

Captain America of the Kickapoo is the new Marvel character.

The first volume of ‘ The United States of Captain America ‘ will go on sale next June, but the design of Joe Gomez has already been revealed with the announcement of his arrival in the world of Marvel comics on social networks. The first images of the indigenous Captain America have been virtualized all over the Internet.

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