Cardi B has not had surgery on her face (although it seems so)

David Galvan

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Cardi B

Cardi B’s followers have seen a series of subtle changes in her face over the last few weeks and have asked her in the comments section of her Instagram posts if she had resorted to infiltrations or some other type of filler again. Similary.

The rapper’s philosophy has always been not to hide the many cosmetic touch-ups she has undergone over the years. If a liposuction or breast implants give her good results, she is the first to publicly comment on how satisfied she is with the results in case anyone is encouraged to follow her example.

So it seemed unlikely that he would just now start any new treatment he might have undergone. And indeed, Cardi has not changed her mind: “I am retaining fluids throughout my body. In my cheeks, lips, thighs, damn feet… My whole body is swollen, even my legs,” she explained in a Instagram video, in which he took the opportunity to ask his followers for advice in case anyone knows of any type of diuretic that can help him solve this problem.

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In fact, the artist swore in 2019 that she would not resort to plastic surgery again because the last time she had suffered circulation problems, but a few months ago she acknowledged that she was tempted by the idea of ​​having a tummy tuck to remove excess skin from the belly after giving giving birth to her second child.

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