Cardi B is much more ‘shy’ than it seems

David Galvan

Published on:

Although in the face of the public she usually shows herself as a funny, temperamental woman without hairs on her tongue, the truth is that the singer Cardi B has defined herself as a rather “shy” woman in the last interview she has given to Billboard magazine. In fact, the famous rapper explained that if she has not yet been able to star in a duet with some of the most relevant male figures in the hip hop scene it is precisely because of the insecurity that invades her in the face of having to make them directly the proposal.

“ The truth is that I am very shy, so much that I am too ashamed to ask male artists to work with me, to be honest. That’s why I haven’t gotten many of the collaborations that I would love to have yet. I get fear in my body only when I think about asking someone. I feel unconscious when I talk to my idols of the profession and I’m worried to sound too petulant,” he acknowledged the publication.

The rap star, mother of little Kulture and her ex-husband Offset, has also linked her occasional introverted character to the difficulties she has in expressing herself unambiguously about her deepest and most romantic feelings in her popular songs. And it is that for the vocalist openly exhibiting her most vulnerable side fills her precisely with doubts and fears. “When I have to articulate ideas about my personal life, I get shyness. Sometimes when I play live songs like ‘Ring’ or ‘Be Careful’, I close my eyes because I’m ashamed to show my most emotional side,” he confessed.

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