Casinos in Europe that Worth Your Visit

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Casinos in Europe that Worth Your Visit

Casinos are commonly associated with vibrant colours and shrieking slot machines, but not all of them meet the Las Vegas standard. Gambling was formerly a passion restricted for the social elite, and it transpired in some exquisite décor, before the introduction of garish casino complexes, smoke-filled bookmakers, and extravagantly expensive buffets. 

From a German betting platform that motivated and monetarily depleted one of Russia’s greatest authors to the most ancient casino in the world situated in Venice, the very next elegant facilities are much more than mere relics of the past with stringent dress codes; they offer authentic antiquated adventures that truly carry you backwards in history — while having taken all of your tirelessly earned cash on a throw of the dice.

Casino de Monte – Carlo, Monaco

Casino de Monte-Carlo is arguably Europe’s most renowned casino for poker tournaments, owing in part to its appearances in the Bond flicks Never Say Never, Casino Royale, and GoldenEye. The Beaux-Arts style structure, which opened in the 1850s to produce revenue for Monaco’s royal Grimaldi family, is distinguished by its gilded ceilings, crystal chandeliers, murals, and tapestries. 

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is not precisely a low-limit gaming facility, in line with its elegant décor and intellectual image. To game here, you do not have to be a Saudi prince or a hedge fund manager — though you definitely are if you can afford Monaco’s exorbitant yacht docking fees — but you must follow a dress code, pay a small 10-Euro charge, and act respectfully. 

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Casino di Venezia, Italy

A trip to the oldest known casino is a must on every European casino tour. The Casino di Venezia, which is located directly on the Grand Canal in Venice, first officially opened in 1638 and continues to serve gamblers still. Traditionally, the structure housed the Theatre Saint Moses, which had a gambling section during intermission. highly recommends visiting this landbased casino in case you’re on self-exclusion at AAMS online gambling operators.

This tiny wing, on the other hand, was a stimulus for the establishment of casinos in Venice, which grew to nearly 120 by 1744. During its long history, the structure has also served as a residence for the Italian monarchy and a retreat for composer Richard Wagner in the mid-nineteenth century. 

Casino Wiesbaden, Germany

Even the most prudent spender may be seduced into parting with money when a gaming facility possesses the allure of the majestic Casino Wiesbaden. Casino Wiesbaden, which opened in 1771, is currently housed in the wine parlour of the Kurhaus spa house, which was formerly the social hub of ancient Wiesbaden. Visitors will be struck by the crystal chandeliers, cherry furnishings, and cosy, sophisticated ambience, much as they were in Monte Carlo. 

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Fyodor Dostoevsky, a well-known Russian novelist, was inspired to create his renowned work The Gambler after losing all of his things at the casino in 1865. The roulette wheel on which he squandered all of his roubles is even on display in a glass cabinet at the casino’s doorway. Men are expected to wear a shirt and a jacket. Jeans are not permitted, although trousers can be hired for a charge at the cloakroom. If you do not want to walk in Dostoevsky’s footprints, the casino has a couple of bars. 

The Ritz Club, London

The Ritz Club in London is likely to hold the distinction of Europe’s finest luxury casino. This members-only gambling den is situated in The Ritz Hotel’s basement and old ballroom. Within, you will discover a gaming parlour with beautiful domed ceilings, gorgeous tapestries, red carpets, and crushed velvet seats.  There are even more cozy private rooms available for high rollers – but everyone at this gambling forum is a high roller. 

The club was founded in 1909 and has undergone various transformations, although it has been a casino since 1977. To join the party, you must fill out an application and have a current member endorse you. Membership is difficult to come by, given that celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Dame Shirley Bassey, and Kerry Packer have attended the club. The dress code is rather strict: men must always wear a jacket and a collared shirt.

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Casino de Spa, Belgium

Spa, Belgium, is an ideal location for gambling. The town hosts not only one of the earliest gambling dens in the world, but it is also Belgium’s top leisure destination. The spa has been a rich holiday resort since the 14th century, thanks to its healing cold springs. The Casino de Spa is attached to the world-famous cold springs, allowing guests to cool down after losing their shirts at the craps table. 

Established in 1763, the casino was a social hub in Spa until 1789, when it fell victim to the Liege Revolution, Prohibition, and a terrible fire. The structure has subsequently been rebuilt and restored to its former glory. The casino has a ballroom, cultural centre, theatre, and numerous restaurants, notably La Brasserie du Casino, which offers sweeping city views.

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