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Comedy has always been very important in the film industry, because it is one of the most followed genres for millions of fans, therefore, many classic series of the genre are still seen in the world of streaming, and one of them is ‘ The Office’, a production that was hugely successful for 9 seasons, and now the cast of this title has chosen their favorite.

They have been two actresses from the main cast of ‘The Office’, who, through their podcast, chose what they consider their favorite episode of this iconic comedy, they are Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, the artists who for 9 seasons gave life the unforgettable Pam and Angela in this iconic hit comedy.

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In the aforementioned podcast, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, stars of ‘The Office’, have revealed that their favorite episode of this production is the so-called ‘Chat Circuit’, in which fans of this comedy can see a great dose of fun, but, most likely, it will not be chosen as the best of this series by the fans.

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It should be noted that the episode belongs to season 5, and in it fans of this comic story can see how Dwight and Jim forget Kelly’s birthday, which makes this worker hate them for a few hours, so these characters they need to create a quick party to celebrate at the office.

It is important to mention that the actresses point out that the reason why they consider this to be one of the best episodes of ‘The Office’ is because it is a chapter that caused great fun to the cast when it was recorded. , generating great moments within this iconic production.

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Undoubtedly, the chapter that the protagonists of ‘The Office’ have chosen as their favorite is interesting, however, taking into account the different fan surveys, the aforementioned episode is far from being chosen by the fans, since there are several chapters of this production that are considered funnier.

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Where to see ‘The Office’?

What is a fact is that ‘The Office’ is one of the most famous and successful series in the history of the film industry, a title that managed to catch millions of fans for 9 seasons, which, despite having already ended several years ago, it continues to be one of the most popular, since it is the most watched in the world of streaming.

If it is one of the fans who want to see for the first time, or again, the episodes of ‘The Office’, you should know that this production is available on two streaming platforms, since all the chapters that make up the 9 seasons of this series comedy are part of the HBO Max service, or you can also find this iconic show on the Amazon Prime Video service.

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