Cast reveals which variant of Loki was the most intimidating

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Reparto revela qué variante de Loki era más intimidante

One of the variants of Loki, in the series, was officially considered the most intimidating. Know what the cast said.

The first season of Loki It reached its grand finale on July 14 and the reactions to it do not stop. The cast, the production, the critics and the audience have spoken about what happened, but also about what is to come. One of the most striking events of the first six episodes was the presence of various editions of the god of deception. Without a doubt, each of them with a different personality, more captivating at the same time. However, it seems that one of them outperformed the others.

Thus, going unnoticed, one of the variants of the main character had characteristics that made it superior, in some respects, to the others. Such details were revealed by a direct and official source. However, in order to understand more, it is inevitable to talk about it with a couple of spoilers.

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Spoiler alert! You really haven’t seen the entire Loki series yet?

In the post-credits scene of the fourth chapter, the protagonist arrives at a strange place after being “erased” by the AVT. After that, he wakes up and, thinking that he is dead, sees himself with others like him. In this way, they respond to him by telling him that this site is something called “The vacuum”.

Later in the fifth episode, these four variants (Classic Loki, Croki, Loki Hammer Y Kid Loki) accompany the interpreted by Tom Hiddleston on his odyssey. In the midst of it all, the group suffers betrayals by others of them and in the end only three collaborate to achieve the mission of finding the strength of The one that remains.

One of the most committed is Kid Loki, a very young version of Laufeyson, who was personified by Jack Veal. In an interview with ComicBookMovie, the actor mentioned that “A lot of people don’t know this, but Kid Loki is the oldest in The Void. It was “erased” thousands of years ago and it just didn’t age because this place is the end of time, as the Judge Renslayer“.

Theory of how Kid Loki killed Thor
Jack Veal is one of the youngest performers in the entire MCU

“There is also the fact that he killed Thor. Like I said, no other Loki would dare to try or even do it successfully. That not only makes him the oldest, but also the most intimidating. “, he concluded.

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