Catherine Reitman’s Lips: Rumors and Speculation About the ‘Workin’ Moms’ Star

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Catherine Reitman's Lips

Catherine Reitman stars as Kate Foster on the hit Canadian comedy series ‘Workin’ Moms’, which she also created. With the recent release of Season 7 on Netflix, Reitman’s unique lips have once again become a hot topic of discussion online.

Reitman’s upper lip has a very distinct appearance – it looks thinner and smaller underneath the cupid’s bow, while the outer edges of her upper lip appear fuller. This had led to speculation that Reitman may have had some sort of cosmetic procedure done, which didn’t go as planned.

Botched Surgery Rumors

There are rumors that Reitman fell victim to a botched plastic surgery, specifically lip injections. Some have even claimed that she appeared on the reality show ‘Botched’, about plastic surgeries gone wrong, and was treated by doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif.

However, there is no evidence that Reitman has ever publicly addressed these rumors or confirmed whether she has had any cosmetic procedures done. The ‘Botched’ claims also appear to be totally unfounded.

While it seems likely Reitman has had some sort of lip injections based on the unique shape of her upper lip, it remains speculation. The actress has not spoken publicly about any plastic surgery.

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Online Bullying Over Her Lips

Unfortunately, every time a new season of ‘Workin’ Moms’ premieres, Reitman is subjected to intense cyberbullying over the appearance of her lips.

Cruel comments like “Catherine Reitman’s upper lip is so strange it’s irritating to watch” and “What happened to Catherine Reitman’s lip? It’s creeping me out” flood social media.

While she laughs off the comments in the show, the online abuse seems excessive and uncalled for. These bullies attack Reitman’s appearance and not her performance.

She Has Made Fun of Her Lips on the Show

To her credit, Reitman has addressed the interest in her lips by mocking them in ‘Workin’ Moms’. Her character, Kate Foster, makes self-deprecating jokes about her “fuzzy lip”.

In one episode, Kate gets injections to balance out her lips, but it only leads to more ridicule from her colleagues. Reitman clearly feels comfortable poking fun at the obsession with her mouth.

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But No Public Discussion of Cosmetic Procedures

Even though she jokes about her lips on the show, Reitman has never publicly discussed whether she has had any cosmetic procedures done. If she has had lip injections that led to her unique lip shape, she understandably may not want to draw more attention to it.

Reitman also has no obligation to disclose any plastic surgery to the public. Her lips, whether natural or enhanced, do not impact her impressive acting skills.

She Has Talked About Being Bullied as a Child

In interviews, Reitman has opened up about being severely bullied as a child specifically for her appearance. Classmates apparently called her “horse mouth” and mocked her lips.

This early bullying clearly had an impact, as Reitman made sure to include jokes about her lips in ‘Workin’ Moms’. She seems to be trying to take back the power by making fun of the feature others cruelly targeted.

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Her Work Advocating for Maternal Mental Health

While many focus on her lips, Reitman’s most important work has been in maternal mental health advocacy. She has been open about suffering from postpartum depression herself after her first son was born.

Reitman channeled that pain into creating ‘Workin’ Moms’ and depicting the realities of early motherhood. She is working to reduce the stigmas around maternal mental health issues.

A Talented Actress and Comedian

At her core, Catherine Reitman is a talented actress, comedian, writer and producer. She brought to life a series that resonates with mothers everywhere.

Any plastic surgery or natural features are secondary to Reitman’s impressive professional accomplishments. The relentless bullying and rumors say much more about society’s expectations for women than about Reitman.

She deserves to be celebrated for using comedy to address real struggles mothers face, not endlessly critiqued for her appearance. Hopefully, the focus can shift to Reitman’s talent and the vital conversations ‘Workin’ Moms’ creates.

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