Celine Dion caught up in her past, odious with a famous singer

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Celine Dion will make her big comeback on stage in May, during her European tour. Its base will be in Paris. And in the meantime, she is overtaken by an odious gesture with a famous singer who is now deceased.

This is Grégory Lemarchal, the late winner of Star Academy, who lost his life just 15 years ago. Télé Star pays tribute to him on April 25.

“Until April 2, 2007 when, weakened, he was hospitalized awaiting a double lung transplant. On April 30, at the dawn of his 24th birthday, life escaped him. The Little Prince has left Earth. But in three years, the artist has made an impression, ”reported the weekly.

The singer died as a result of cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease, which took away Celine Dion’s niece. one day live with her, for the benefit of her fight against the disease.

“Let her choose the date and time, it will be there… Greg knows how sensitive Céline is to the fight against this disease, her niece Karine, the daughter of her older sister Liette, who suffered from same badly as him”, this time specified France Dimanche. But the Quebec diva would have been odious with him. “She never followed up”, lamented his mother, Laurence Lemarchal, who affirms that his son had then been “ very disappointed “. “I was very sad for him! “Today, Laurence even feels resentment towards Celine Dion who should return to France in the fall of 2023.

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