Celine Dion: unrecognizable short and curly hair: Current Woman Le MAG

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Celine Dion: unrecognizable short and curly hair: Current Woman Le MAG

Celine Dion never ceases to surprise us. With her sometimes quirky and colorful, sometimes glamorous and very elegant looks, the world star likes to play with her appearance and her fans love it! On the hairstyle side, there too, she knows how to dare. She wore with class the very short cut and the tapered bangs, the long and curly hair, the blond wavy square, or the wet look, from the French the wet effect, a very trendy hairstyle which consists of flattening her hair back with gel or wax. This ultra sexy style highlights the face and the look, while giving the impression that we are coming out of the water.

Very curly hair and short bangs

The Quebec diva is used to revealing archive images on her Instagram account, which has more than 5 million subscribers. On the occasion of her birthday on March 30, a photo of her as a child was even shared on the social network. A month ago, the album cover of A New Day Has Come was released to celebrate 20 years since its release. In the photo, Celine Dion had long, wavy hair blowing in the wind.

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This time, three photographs of the singer were published on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the album Incognito: “the first to appear in a major international record company” can we read in the caption. Celine Dion, 29 years old at the time, is resplendent and all smiles. Her hair is layered and it is assumed that she had a perm as it is very curly. They come to him just below his jaw. She wears thin, short bangs that highlight her look. The color of her hair is natural, rather brown. It’s a very trendy style at this time of the 80s and it looks great on her. Will she revive fashion?

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