“Charlize Theron” Confirms That “The Old Guard 2” will Begin Filming in 2022

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Charlize Theron Confirms That The Old Guard 2 will Begin Filming in 2022

As is to be expected, comic book adaptations continue to be the order of the day for any type of company in charge of audiovisuals . Be it with a TV series or a movie, any way is good to present us with great works of the cartoons. Netflix is strongly supporting this initiative , taking into account several adaptations already, such as the most recent with Sweet Tooth .

Not everything is going to be series, so the platform also saves its place for movies set in these universes . One that brought us last year was that of The Old Guard, the comic written by Greg Rucka that has been so popular among fans and that in Spain is being edited by Norma Editorial .

In recent statements by the actress, it would have been clear that this adaptation will have a second installment , which will begin filming next year. Thanks to Variety, we have learned about this curious detail, announcing that the script has already been finalized and that the first quarter of 2022 will be destined for filming .

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In addition to all this, Charlize Theron wanted to comment on details of other projects in which she is involved in other franchises . In this way, he confirms that Vin Diesel is fully in a movie derived from Fast & Furious with the character of Theron as the protagonist.

From what you can see, the actress is quite busy with all these projects in mind . Now we just need to wait for details about this second installment, already confirmed, of The Old Guard, which surely leaves as good vibes as the first .

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