Chicago Fire: Actress Kara Killmer reveals her favorite scene from the drama

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Chicago Fire: Actress Kara Killmer reveals her favorite scene from the drama

Popular Chicago Fire actress Kara Killmer has been one of the firefighter drama’s most beloved actresses ever since she first appeared in season three as paramedic Sylvie Brett. With more than 167 participating episodes, the star has revealed which is her favorite scene from her drama.

Since the ninth season of Chicago Fire began, viewers have been watching how the producers decided to take the next step in the relationship between Sylvie Brett and Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer), so at the beginning of the tenth both finally came together. But, sadly, unexpected news for Casey forced him to separate from her and move to another city to take care of some children left behind by a FireHouse firefighter who died in the first installment of the drama.

Both decided to maintain a long-distance relationship, although it is not known exactly to what extent it will happen. But, as their relationship continues to drive their storylines in Chicago Fire, Kara Killmer herself has been cited an emotional scene between the two characters as one of her favorites for the pair.

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The iconic Sylvie Brett and Matthew Casey scene in question takes place in the season 9 premiere episode of Chicago Fire, which was titled “Rattle Second City.” As the action unfolds, Brett is on an emergency call with fellow 61 Ambulance paramedic Gianna Mackey (Adriyan Rae), where they had to treat a young overdose victim.

However, things spiral out of control when the young man’s brother puts a gun to Brett’s head and threatens to kill her if she fails to save his brother. When the victim later dies, Brett is understandably worried that her impulsive brother will seek her out and try to kill her. For that reason, he asks Casey to come over to her house and keep him company, and the two share a decidedly friendly evening.

In the scene, Brett and Casey are seen playing the popular mobile game, Heads Up. In fact, actress Kara Killmer herself identifies this scene as one of her all-time favorites, due to the real laughs that ensued between them. actors and how fun it was to film it.

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Despite the fact that the actress has had many practically intimate scenes with actor Jesse Spencer, they both agree that these are not always the favorites of the Chicago Fire actors, but rather those that have to do with more risks of firefighters and laughter among the cast members.

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