Chicago Fire: Kara Killmer broke an impressive record in the One Chicago series

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Chicago Fire: Kara Killmer broke an impressive record in the One Chicago series

Without a doubt, the presence of Sylvie Brett’s interpreter, Kara Killmer, in Chicago Fire, has been one of the causes of the successes that has propelled this long-running drama through the television screens of NBC. Since she first made her appearance in 2014, her medical skills had been put to the test in an overwhelming series of emergency calls.

However, in addition to seeing her very involved in her work, she was also seen to have a wide variety of romantic connections that ranged from very hot to relationships that ended in complete disaster from the first meeting. Thanks to this success on Chicago Fire, everything seems to indicate that her character seems to be on her way to return to Firehouse 51 next year with an order of renewal from NBC for an eleventh season.

However, one of the surprising things about Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett is that, despite not being present since the first season, this actress has been one of the most featured in episodes of Chicago Fire. Since its premiere, this drama from the One Chicago franchise has racked up over 200 mind-blowing episodes and is still going strong.

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But in the case of Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett, she has surprisingly appeared in 165 episodes in total, more than any other actress in the drama, making her break a record in this NBC hit. Despite being absent in the recent episode “Hot and Fast”, her love affair is the cause of her possibly being back in action.

Recall that she is currently in a long-distance relationship with former Chicago Fire captain Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer), who left the series in episode 200 to take a job as a firefighter in Oregon.

The romance of these two characters has caused a great deal of intrigue among NBC fans, so it is unlikely that the writers and showrunners will eliminate this dynamic.

Now that it is known that the actress Kara Killmer has been the girl who has had the most scenes throughout Chicago Fire, it should be noted that Taylor Kinney as the leader of the Rescue Squad, Kelly Severide, is the one who ranks first as the actor who has had the most appearances, with a total of 212.

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