Chicago Fire: Kara Killmer reveals what we suspected about her arrival on the set of NBC

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Chicago Fire: Kara Killmer reveals what we suspected about her arrival on the set of NBC

As has always happened in both film and television, changes are events that never cease to surprise the public. Production decisions can result in its cast members getting new looks within shows, taking on entirely new roles, and only for a new star to join the cast, just as happened in the third season of Chicago Fire.

Earlier in the third season, actress Lauren German said goodbye to the show as Leslie Shay, faced with this overwhelming decision, Kara Kilmer stepped in to take her place with an entirely new character, Sylvie Brett. This shift change was really fast for Chicago Fire viewers.

Let us remember that the character of Lauren German, Leslie Shay, was one of the most popular characters in this NBC drama, since she had been present in Firehouse 51 since the debut, before being unexpectedly killed in the final episodes of the second season of Chicago Fire.

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For her part, Kara Kilmer confessed how she felt on the set after replacing one of the stars of Chicago Fire, however, fortunately, the atmosphere on the NBC set was better than she had thought. According to her words, the actress was received with open arms by the cast.

Both her teammates, as well as the viewers of Chicago Fire, accepted that Sylvie Brett was not taking over from a previous character, but was making a path for herself. Furthermore, she also stressed that on the set of this One Chicago franchise drama, she never felt like an outsider. So were her words:

“Luckily for me, no one in the cast made me feel like I was an outsider or that there were even shoes to fill. She has her own pair of shoes, and I’m like, ‘I can’t fill those. I’ll just bring my own set of shoes.’ shoes'”.

Nonetheless, Kara Kilmer accepted that there was certainly a line between the late Leslie Shay and Sylvie Brett when she made her first appearance in season three. She revealing the great difference between these two characters, accepting that each one had their importance in the drama in a different way.

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“We’re very different. They’re really different characters, so I think based on how everyone greeted me, it was a great experience.”

Undoubtedly, this love in the cast continued for quite some time, as Kara Kilmer stayed with the show for the last seven seasons and even crossed over to Chicago Med and Chicago PD, spin-off series from the hit NBC franchise, One Chicago.

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