Chicago Fire Season 10: Joe Minoso spoke about the deaths in the NBC drama

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Chicago Fire Season 10: Joe Minoso spoke about the deaths in the NBC drama

Chicago Fire, since it premiered in 2012 through the NBC broadcast network, began to murder its characters. The successful series created by Dick Wolf is currently airing its 10th season, and the remaining episodes of this installment may not be the exception in bringing the death of one of its characters to the screen.

The hit fire-fighting action drama that follows the lives of the members of the 51st battalion is heading towards the end of season 10 which is scheduled for the last days of May. And as this date approaches, it’s not just Chicago Fire fans who are beginning to worry, but also the very actors who bring the beloved characters to life.

Chicago Fire has a reputation for causing shocking deaths. There have been several firefighters who have perished in the line of duty over the last decade, and this unpredictability is one of the reasons the show is so exciting. Who knows what will happen next, and to whom.

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Well, it turns out fans aren’t the only ones on the edge of their seats. Joe Minoso recently sat down for an interview with Us Weekly, where he discussed the show’s tendency toward sudden deaths and how much actors know about them ahead of time.

Here’s what you need to know about the Chicago Fire as we near the end of Season 10.

Who died in season 10 of Chicago Fire?

Minoso, who plays Joe Cruz on the show, told the outlet that things get tense for the cast every time they get closer to the end of a season. It turns out that they are as in the dark about the plot twists as the people at home.

“Any given episode can be the last,” the actor joked. ‚ÄúThis time of year especially, everyone is like, ‘Oh man, what’s going to happen in the finale? What will happen in the end? We all go crazy every year. Nobody is ever safe. And you try to say, ‘I feel, like, pretty good.

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There have been a few close calls in season 10, including the season opener, in which Cruz almost died on the job, but no one has bitten the dust since the heartbreaking Otis incident in season 8. The actor went on to cite the lack of a story. as a clue as to which characters are safe and which are in danger of being eliminated.

“Usually when you get to the last two or three episodes, if your story line is lighter, you feel happier because it means they’re not really focusing on the character,” he revealed. “So I hope they don’t kill you.”

This insight is crucial as we head into the final stretch of the season. Whatever the focus of attention in the next couple is, by Minoso’s logic, the one most at risk of meeting an untimely end. It gets even more complicated when you consider that Casey (Jesse Spencer) and Brett (Kara Killmer) are supposed to return at the end, which means even they aren’t safe from the lingering specter of death.

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