Chicago Fire Season 10: New paramedic will have an affair with whom we suspected

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Chicago Fire Season 10: New paramedic will have an affair with whom we suspected

Chicago Fire, the firefighting action drama from the One Chicago franchise that airs weekly on the NBC broadcast network, returned to fans’ screens Wednesday after a brief hiatus. Season 10 episode 17 welcomed a new cast member. The paramedic Emma joins the heroes of the 51st battalion and it seems that they will have a romance. (Spoilers for episode 17)

Throughout its career, Chicago Fire has been characterized by presenting countless fascinating stories loaded with a lot of drama, involving a large number of characters whose arcs have kept millions of viewers hooked since the series first premiered on the 2012 on NBC.

Over time, both regular and recurring characters and guests have come to life in Chicago Fire in these ten installments. And although most of them are gone forever, season after season they will always have a place in the stories of the drama, since the doors of the program will always be open, as showrunner Derek Hass has repeatedly confirmed.

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The 17th episode of the tenth season of Chicago Fire aired on April 6, narrating new stories while reviewing some romantic relationships, especially that of Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) and chief paramedic Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas). What they kept secret for some time has finally come out and now the truth is causing some trouble in the 51st Battalion; and Blake Gallo (Alberto Rosende), is one of those affected.

Likewise, the seventeenth episode of season 10 of Chicago Fire also brought a new member to the family of Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso) and his wife Chloe (Kristen Gutoskie). Javi, a boy whom Joe saved during an apartment fire, is now living with the couple after becoming his temporary foster parents.

Elsewhere, the latest installment of Chicago Fire also featured the arrival of the newest paramedic to join the 51st Battalion team. Emma, ​​played by Caitlin Carver, made her debut in this week’s episode, and as Blake Gallo spends due to bad timing due to Violet’s new romantic relationship, she began to form a bond with Rosende’s character. Towards the end of the broadcast, she becomes extremely flirtatious with Gallo, which is no doubt suggesting that there will be a new relationship in the future of the NBC drama.

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