Chicago Fire Season 10: The drama couple whose story was not being together

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Chicago Fire Season 10: The drama couple whose story was not being together

Chicago Fire, the NBC fire action drama that premiered in 2012, remains on the air for its 10th season as it moves toward the end of this part of the story, which is scheduled for the last few days. May, but not before, to materialize through a wedding the romance of two of the fan favorites; at least, that is what is expected.

It looks like fans will finally see a Chicago Fire wedding. Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd have been waiting to accept each other at an altar for some time, and although it is not clearly confirmed, the statements of showrunner Derek Hass suggest that exactly this is what will happen when the NBC show closes the tenth season.

The successful drama that has been appearing on the screens of fans for a decade, since its inception has been characterized as an action program, where firefighters put their own lives at risk, while doing everything possible to save those of others. While that is the nature of the NBC series, romance is another critical element in the show’s storylines.

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Over the years, Chicago Fire fans have seen how the members of the 51st battalion get involved on a sentimental level, having in most cases some complicated relationships. And while that’s part of the storylines the show’s writers have planned for each of their characters, there’s a plot about a couple that wasn’t written into the script.

It turns out that two Chicago Fire characters were going to have a different story arc for each. But the chemistry that their actors put on while the cameras were rolling changed their minds to the production of the series, and now they are having their romance since season 10.

A new couple from the NBC series, has quickly become a fan favorite, after leaving everyone surprised. No one imagined that Violet Mikami (Hanako Greensmith) and Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas) could have a thing in the firefighter drama. But it was at the recently aired virtual One Chicago Day event that co-showrunner Andrea Newman addressed how that relationship blossomed as she spoke to the media.

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Andrea Newman revealed that while Chicago Fire producers loved Evan Hawkins and Violet Mikami so much, a relationship between their characters was never in the cards. It was the chemistry in front of the camera that convinced the writers to drop what they had in mind and rework things on the spot. At the event, she said that the actors just appeared on screen so beautifully, and therefore said that was the direction they would take from there.

“They were doing it in such a big way and that the chemistry was undeniable that there was no other option. So we knew they were going to have professional problems because of this, but we also wanted to see them fight it. So for us, that was the challenge and the fun.” “.

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