Chicago Fire Season 10: They confirm why Jesse Spencer returns to the NBC drama

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Chicago Fire Season 10: They confirm why Jesse Spencer returns to the NBC drama

Chicago Fire season 10 premiered in late September on the NBC broadcast network. The hit firefighter drama that follows the members of the 51st battalion is currently wrapping up this part of the story, the conclusion of which is scheduled to hit fans’ screens on Wednesday, May 25 as the rerun is scheduled to.

As Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Hass recently hinted at while in talks to bring back some characters from the show’s past with the season 10 finale, Jesse Spencer would be included among them. Now, it is confirmed that the actor who played Matthew Casey during the long run of the drama until the fifth episode of the current installment aired last October, will reprise the role of him.

Recall that Jesse Spencer left Chicago Fire when Matt Casey decided to resign from the 51st battle to go to Oregon, with the purpose of taking care of the children of his friend fallen in the line of duty during the pilot episode of the show. Although he has been away from the screen, the character continues to be an important part of this story not only because of his love relationship with Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer), but also because of the close relationship of many years with his friends and co-workers, including Kelly. Severide (Taylor Kinney).

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It hasn’t been long since Matt Casey disappeared from the Chicago Fire screen, but many fans knew the captain would be back at any moment, and this time he’s giving himself the opportunity for a comeback in a big way. Let’s remember that with the final episode of season 10, Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) will be at the altar to be united in marriage, and that is where Spencer’s character will be for a special reason.

The news about Spencer’s return with the last episode of season 10 of Chicago Fire, broke through the medium TVLine, The medium, interviewed the showrunner of the firefighter drama, Derek Hass, who finally confirmed that after so many pleas, Casey’s actor agreed to appear on the series again, especially to be best man at the wedding between Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd.

“We begged and begged and offered him the moon to do the ending again. But he’s the greatest and he was in even before we started all of that,” co-director Derek Haas told the outlet.

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“The character agreed to be the best man at Severide’s wedding. We are very grateful to [Jesse] for coming back and honoring that promise.”

News of a possible comeback first surfaced earlier this month. Also, the return of other important figures from the past of the series is expected. May 25 will be the day that fans of the hit firefighter drama will once again see their favorite characters on the same night when the final episode of season 10 airs at 9 pm on NBC.

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