Chicago Fire: The co-star with whom Matt Casey had a relationship in real life

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Chicago Fire: The co-star with whom Matt Casey had a relationship in real life

When Chicago Fire is named, it is inevitable not to think of its veteran actors, among them of course is Jesse Spencer, although he is only 42 years old, he has been acting on television for more than two decades. However, one of the most resounding decisions he has made throughout his career was to say goodbye to him in October 2021 from his role in this firefighter drama.

Lieutenant Matt Casey, without a doubt, stole everyone’s attention in this NBC series, thanks to it, quite important information has been compiled that is worth mentioning about this charming Australian that we have seen on our television screens for more than twenty years.

Since the first season of Chicago Fire began, we have been seeing how Matthew Casey’s life has had great moments on the show, including his love stories that, of course, were not lacking during all this time. It is not for less, since the chemistry that the favorite characters of the NBC fan have left more than one speechless.

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However, in Chicago Fire, Jesse Spencer has not only surprised with his acting talent, he has also done so in the medical drama Doctor House, where he played the young Robert Chase. In the early seasons of House, we saw Spencer’s character have a crush on his colleague Dr. Allison Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) from the very beginning.

From that moment on, viewers began to be amazed at how natural their chemistry looked on screen, however, these instincts were right, these two actors were really dating.

In 2006, the two were briefly engaged, with Spencer recounting in an interview with the Golden Globes how he asked the actress to marry him while they were on vacation in Paris. However, in August 2007, their romance ended and they announced that they had called off their engagement.

The funny thing about this story is that in Doctor House, Chase and Cameron managed to get married, but quickly divorced in Season 6. Despite their personal differences, they both stayed on the show after their split.

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