Chicago Fire: The last exclusive scenes of the Otis actor before his departure

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Chicago Fire: The last exclusive scenes of the Otis actor before his departure

One of the most shocking departures from Chicago Fire has been Brian “Otis” Zvonecek (Yuriy Sardarov) in the first episode of the show’s eighth season. However, the character had some great exclusive stories that included a podcast, so these are some of the last unreleased scenes the Otis actor had in the drama.

First of all, let’s remember that Otis died fighting a factory fire in the season 8 premiere, and his death is considered one of the saddest moments of the series. His characteristic nickname was obtained from his experience working in elevators and elevator shafts. However, before the character died, the producers gave him his own podcast.

Otis’ podcast gave the character the opportunity to inform and entertain both his fictional co-workers and the show’s real-world audience, with his kindness and relatively soft voice bringing joy to all viewers of the show. . In these podcasts, Otis would sometimes tell details of his life or things that could happen in the next episodes.

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Like, in the 120th episode of the podcast, he confesses to giving up his childhood dream of being a lion tamer in favor of a safer career path, due to the fact that at the time the character was actually in burning buildings rescuing some people.

Interestingly, by episode 124, Otis points out that tragedy can strike at any time with some of Chicago Fire’s favorite characters, but in this case, he’s referring to a bathroom without toilet paper, but the phrase takes on an ominous tone when used. sees after his own untimely death and the video confirms his latest podcast.

The popular mustachioed podcast host was part owner of Molly’s, the joint bar for each of the four One Chicago shows. When he passed away the news spread through each of the programs, due to the popularity that he maintained in Chicago Fire as one of the most loved.

Due to the death of the character, the actor Yuriy Sardarov has not done any more podcasts for Chicago Fire, however, fans can enjoy the funny videos that they managed to film together with the producers of the drama and that can be found on One’s official YouTube account Chicago.

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