Chicago Fire: The main character who was only supposed to appear in 3 episodes of the drama

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Chicago Fire: The main character who was only supposed to appear in 3 episodes of the drama

Chicago Fire, the hit series created by Dick Wolf and pioneer of the One Chicago franchise, first premiered in 2012 and is currently airing its 10th season on the NBC broadcast network. This part of the story is scheduled to culminate in the last days of May with a great event that will unite two fan favorites in marriage, and must also define the love destiny of a paramedic.

The fire-fighting action drama promises to bring back a character who left in the recent past of Chicago Fire. Jesse Spencer’s Matt Casey will apparently arrive at the wedding of Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd to join the rest of the teammates who have been living in the 51st battalion for many years.

Over the years, Chicago Fire has kept millions of fans hooked around the world, not only for its fascinating stories full of drama, angst, action, romance and fun, but also for the acting quality of each of its characters. who have become the souls of the program. In the NBC series, each of them has managed to get into the hearts of the viewers.

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Over time and throughout the ten seasons that the series has under its belt, Chicago Fire has featured many characters in its stories. The vast majority still remain, while others left the drama for good, but without ruling out occasional appearances as guest stars such as paramedic Gabby Dawson, played by Monica Raymund.

The series also keeps refreshing its extraordinary cast. With each season, Chicago Fire includes new characters in their stories, and while some have not stayed for long, there are others who came to be part of the 51st Battalion family, as is the case with one of the main characters. which was initially scheduled to appear in only three episodes of the NBC drama. However, she ended up anchored as the show’s regular with a promising plot.

It was through a recent interview that Chicago Fire showrunners Derek Haas and Andrea Newman revealed to Looper that a high-profile character who was only supposed to be on the show for a short time ended up becoming a main cast member. . This is Hanako Greensmith’s Violet Mikami, who was cast in Season 8 only to appear as a stand-in for three episodes.

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“She was someone who was going to come in while we had the paramedics and we did three episodes, and then we kept calling her and calling her, and then we made her permanent,” says Haas.

Now, in season 10 of Chicago Fire, Violet has one of the most prominent stories to take place outside of the firehouse: her relationship with Chief Evan Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas), which Newman says developed naturally in the firehouse. writers room after seeing the immense chemistry between both interpreters.

“The cast really drives a lot of our stories, and that’s what happened with Violet and Hawkins,” he says. “They were so great together that we really messed things up to see more of them. If something develops chemically and we want to see more of it, we write it down.”

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