Chicago Med: Fans React to the Return of a Hated Character with Season 8

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Chicago Med: Fans React to the Return of a Hated Character with Season 8

Chicago Med, the NBC medical drama that airs every Wednesday with new episodes from Season 7, will be back on fans’ screens next week after a brief hiatus. Meanwhile, some viewers had an upset reaction to the announcement about the return of a hated character.

The medical drama of the NBC television network, with its season 7 on the air, is one of the most watched programs of the trilogy that makes up One Chicago. Its success is not only due to the fascinating stories loaded with a lot of drama when it comes to narrating the relationships between the staff of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, but also due to the quality of interpretation of each of its characters.

As fans of Chicago Med know, the series was previously renewed for season 8. And in recent days, it was announced that one of the characters currently living in the drama since the sixth installment is confirmed to return with more stories. in the episodes that will premiere in the fall of 2022.

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Recently, it was announced that season 8 of Chicago Med will bring back actor Steven Weber as Dr. Dean Archer in his regular capacity. Without a doubt, this is the character most hated by some fans, but he will continue to have his due importance in the following stories of the NBC series.

Let us remember that in Chicago Med, Dr. Archer became the head of the Emergency Department of the Gaffney Medical Center Chicago, and he is a character who has a tendency to provoke strong reactions not only in those who are related to him in the plot of the program. , but also in fans of medical drama.

And perhaps this is because Dr. Dean Archer served in the Navy with Dr. Ethan Choi. According to the story of the medical drama Chicago Med, Weber’s character suffers from post-traumatic stress and frequently makes fun of mental illness and psychiatry in general, and shows a callous attitude towards others, which leads to confrontation with his co-workers. . But, with the announcement of his return for season 8, this time the reaction was from the fans, who expressed themselves on Reddit as follows:

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“I’m currently in Season 6 and he’s been in a couple of episodes so far, and honestly, he’s very irritating. We put up with his character, which is a shame because I’ve enjoyed the actor on other shows.”

“Worst character as a series regular, yes.”

“I love Steven Weber and I love to hate his character. I’m still waiting for the final showdown between him and Choi that would eventually send him packing.”

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