Chicago Med Season 7: What We Suspect About Dr. Hannah Asher and Dr. Will

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Chicago Med Season 7: What We Suspect About Dr. Hannah Asher and Dr. Will

Chicago Med season 7 episode 20 has finally drawn a line between Dr. Hannah Asher (Jessy Schram) and Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), after she returned to work at the hospital again after overcoming her addiction. . However, the scene has been giving something to talk about among viewers who hoped to see the former couple together again.

First, let’s remember that Dr. Hannah first appeared on Chicago Med during episode 12 of the drama’s fifth season, but was later released from the hospital to go into rehab for her heroin and alcohol addiction. So her unexpected return in season 7 surprised fans.

But, during their previous time on the show, Hannah and Dr. Will had a shocking romance, although the situation between them gradually fell apart due to his drug addiction. However, now that she is back, both have spoken face to face about their feelings and what will happen between them from now on.

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During the premiere of Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 19, viewers watched as the show tackled the story of Will and Hannah. Will had tried to approach her by bringing her a cup of coffee to try and strike up a conversation with her since she got to the hospital, but she tried to maintain a professional distance by saying that she wasn’t that addicted to caffeine anymore and that he was fine with it.

As the two spoke, the show finally answered viewers’ suspicions about Hannah and Will, when she apologized to him for the time she was missing trying to recover from her addiction, but now that she’s back they both must spend the page and just be great friends.

“Of course it was. Will, cutting you off wasn’t because I didn’t care about you. Okay, I needed to work on myself, on my sobriety, clean everything up so I could start over.”

“You know, now that we’re working together again, maybe we can agree to turn the page? Be friends?”.

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Will smiled and agreed with “insurance,” and they shook hands. Hannah seems really determined to stay on track, which presumably means friendship and nothing else with her ex. Although the way he looked at her Will surprised the Chicago Med fans a bit.

It only remains to be seen how the producers will develop the story of Hannah and Will in the next episodes and seasons of Chicago Med, because perhaps we could see some drug relapse, or an attempt to bring the couple back together.

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