Chicago PD Season 10: Fans Are Tired of Burgess’s Treatment of Ruzek

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Chicago PD Season 10: Fans Are Tired of Burgess's Treatment of Ruzek

Chicago PD is one of the most dramatic shows on television today. Premiering in 2014 as a Chicago Fire spin-off, the police series has been on the air for almost a decade and is currently airing its 9th season on the NBC television network, with new episodes every week. Last Wednesday’s installment focused again on Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger), but fans are getting tired for one reason only. (Spoilers for episode 17 of season 9)

Chicago PD season 9 episode 17 titled “Adrift” showed Adam Ruzek trying to find a friend’s missing daughter, but the long plot between him and Kim Burgess with Makayla in the middle is not without tension. with each episode that hits the screen, and the abuse is always present.

Chicago PD fans can understand that Kim Burgess is traumatized by her ordeal at the end of Season 8 of the hit NBC drama, but her treatment of Adam Ruzek regarding Makayla is making viewers of the show upset.

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Fans have witnessed how Kim Burgess is increasingly putting more distance not only between herself and Ruzek, but also with Makayla. It’s her hostile behavior with the man who was once her love interest that has Chicago PD fans frustrated.

Over the years, Chicago PD has shown the many ups and downs that Burgess and Ruzek have had in their relationship, and Season 9 has been no exception. In the couple, there is even more at stake now that Squierciati’s character has an adopted daughter, Makayla, as it is creating tension around Ruzek’s role in this family.

The strange thing about the case is that although they are not currently in a relationship, they do consider themselves a family; since Burgess appointed him as Makayla’s legal custodian if anything were to happen to him. But, at this time, Flueger’s character is neither the father nor the guardian of the minor, something that is causing greater tension in the couple. The most recent example was when she forgot to authorize him to pick up the little girl at school, which led to a series of awkward moments between them.

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The truth is, some Chicago PD fans are getting tired of Kim Burgess’s treatment of Adam Ruzek. They don’t like the way he treats Makayla in Chicago PD as it happened in episode 17 which was released on Wednesday April 6th when viewers saw Ruzek move out as he thought it was the best thing for the girl. . In this sense, fans took to Reddit to express their discomfort with the situation.

“Please, Adam, leave Kim. I can’t take her disrespect towards him anymore.”

“After he almost DIED [Burgess], he tells her that he knows she was disappointed in him. Adam is the one who should be disappointed in HER. She doesn’t even comfort him and HE’S MOVING IN.”

“The thing that bothers me most about them is that Kim needs to decide who Adam is in her life and where he fits in.”

“She keeps going back and forth to let him into Makayla’s life as a father, but then she shuts him down again and pulls out the ‘she’s my daughter, not yours’ card. I understand that it’s not an easy decision for her and it’s not one that you can rush, but she can’t keep going around and giving all kinds of mixed signals.”

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  1. The writers give Marina And Paddy the script to act out. It’s not Kim or Adam that jerk everyone around. We just don’t want to watch Kim black and blue any more .Adam or Kim never got to be detectives or parents or a family or marriage . What they did get was a whole lot of misery.


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