Chicago PD: Sophia Bush’s last appearance in the drama and her new projects

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Chicago PD: Sophia Bush's last appearance in the drama and her new projects

Popular actress Sophia Bush was one of the main faces of Chicago PD from 2013 to 2017, after confirming that she would be leaving the police drama. The star managed to play Detective Erin Lindsay for four seasons in a row, proving to be a pivotal part of the series. But, after her unfortunate departure, fans are still wondering what happened to her and what she finds herself doing now.

After it was revealed that actress Sophia Bush had quit the police drama Chicago PD, the details were kept under wraps for a while, until the star finally revealed the real details during a podcast called, “Armchair Expert.” In the interview Bush revealed exaggerated labor conditions to produce the scenes of the program.

According to Bush, the working conditions were extreme, specifically related to filming in the frigid winters of the city of Chicago. Although many may miss her complex interpretation of detective Lindsay, the reality is that the actress has remained active in the world of acting, especially in 2022 when she is starring in a medical drama on the CBS television network.

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Since leaving Chicago PD in 2017, Sophia Bush’s career has moved on. She has had guest starring roles on episodes of the tribute soap opera “Jane the Virgin” and the popular NBC drama series “This Is Us,” as well as a recurring role on the Hulu original “Love, Victor.”

However, in 2022 she got the opportunity to star in her own series when she was cast in the CBS drama “Good Sam”. The series follows Dr. Sam Griffith (Bush), who must assume the position of chief of surgery at her hospital when the person who held the position before her, her own father (Jason Isaacs), falls into a coma But, once she recovers from her coma, she begins an incredible story full of drama where she must balance her professional and personal life.

Currently, the medical drama Good Sam is broadcasting the first season on the CBS television network, so there are only four episodes left to finish the first installment, and it has been rumored that it will have a second installment.

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