“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”: HE almost grabbed a leading role!

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  • The cast of ” Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ” is something very special. But a leading actor almost didn’t make it into the Netflix series!
  • With four exciting seasons, “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” has built a huge fan base!
    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina enchants everyone.

When the trailer for the fourth season of ” Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ” was released by Netflix at the end of last year, the fan base went crazy! Everyone was already hyped for the new (and unfortunately also the last) season of the successful series. And what can you say: When the fourth season was finally online, the expectations of the fans were even exceeded! Rumor has it, despite the blatant ending of the last episode, there is hope for another season of ” Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ” give. The producer of the series Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa should keep this option open. One of the other films with the actors or a crossover with another series would also be conceivable. We would definitely be very happy! But could you imagine ” Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ” with other main characters? Another well-known actor would have almost got the role of Harvey Kinkle (played by Ross Lynch )

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But who is it about?

“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”: That lead almost went to him.

Especially if you are excited about the characters of a series from the beginning, it is difficult to imagine that it would have almost been different leading actors. At least that’s how we feel with Ross Lynch and his role as Harvey Kinkle. In an interview, an actor colleague has now revealed that he auditioned for exactly this role. It was a sting between Ross Lynch and * drum roll Joshua Bassett. “When I came to Los Angeles, I auditioned for a handful of roles. I was very close to the role in ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’. The decision was made between Ross and me and he got it. And I’m still happy for him! “, so Joshua. So it wasn’t enough for one of the most important leading roles in the Netflix series. But the actor did not give up and got a lead role in the popular Disney series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”. The well-known remake of the “High School Musical” films is even releasing a second season in a few weeks! The two young men go their own way as actors and treat each other to their success.

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