Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Season 2: Deets About Its Release

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Chivalry Of A Failed Knight Season 2

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  • Chivalry of a Failed Knight Season 2 Is Yet To Be Announced.
  • The Production House Has Announced A Crazy Update!

Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry or more popularly known as Chivalry of a Failed Knight is an isekai anime series that caught everyone’s eye with a flawless storyline and compelling theme when it was released in Fall 2015.

Season 1 of the anime ended with an intense fight between Ikki and Tondou, which certainly was the greatest moment of the show. The fans went crazy watching the final fight scene and the critical appreciations were at their best. Despite being a success, there has been no word on a sequel. Throughout the article, we will talk about the prospects for a new season and other interesting aspects.

Release Date of Part 2

Until the last update, there has been no news about the news of a sequel to the famous isekai series.

However, there is one thing that points towards the happening of a true second season. The official website of Silver Link and Nexus has revealed that a ‘Special’ arrival is on the cards.

Will There Be A Second Season?

The popularity of the fantasy anime series is quite high; People around the world have not yet given up and are hopeful that a new season will be announced soon. There is a wealth of source material and judging by the popularity it has been blessed with, there should be no problem in producing a sequel to the isekai anime series.

In all, chances are high that the production companies will reward fans with a second installment soon. If one is to guess, the anime should air in late 2021. Rumors about season 2 of Chivalry of a Failed Knight came in early 2019 with the speculations that the show is in production and will be released by late 2019, but they were later shut down.

Chivalry of a Failed Knight was ranked the 29th and 17th best-selling light novel series in November 2015 and May 2016, respectively. His anime adaptation also appeared on the best-selling lists. Both studios did a brilliant job and the overall animation of the anime series was fantastic, resembling the tone and setting of the show. The character designs are also very attractive and beautiful to look at.

When Will Season 2 Release?

The first and most important season of the anime kicked off on October 3, 2015, and ended on December 19, 2015, and came with twelve exciting episodes. Rumors and speculation about the launch of the second season of the anime were high after a successful season that isn’t anything new to hear. If Silver Ink and Nexus keep the anime, we can expect the second season by the end of 2021. Additionally, we don’t have any information on the anime’s story or plot as it doesn’t. ‘is not yet officially confirmed or endorsed by the anime’s official production team. We will update the article once official anime sources confirm the information.

Riku Misora

Riku Misora is the creator of ‘The Chivalry of a Failed Knight’. To┬ádate, there are a total of 17 volumes. The last volume arrived in November 2019.

Work on Volume 18 is in progress.

Production Update

Sentai Filmworks, Nexus, Silver Link or any other production company related to the production of the second installment has not yet revealed any information.

Season 1 of the fan-favorite anime was the adaptation of the first three volumes of the light novel series. The story will begin in the fourth volume, and here is the cover.


No teaser or trailer has been released yet.

Cast And Staff

The second season will introduce several new characters; however, there is no official announcement about it.

The cast and staff of the first season were:

Director – Shin Aonuma
Series Composition – Shougo Yasukawa
Character Design – Sei Komatsubara
Music – Koutarou Nagakawa
Studio – Silver Link, Nexus
Ryota Osaka as Ikki Kurogane
Shizuka Ishigami as Stella Vermillion
Nao Touyama as Shizuku Kurogane
Shintaro Asanuma as Naga Arisuin
Yuu Kobayashi as Ayase Ayatsuji

Written by Riku Misora alongside the illustrations of Won, the first volume of Chivalry of a Failed Knight was published on July 15, 2013, and is serialized in SB Creative’s GA Bunko Imprint.

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