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Chris Brown has made headlines for a variety of reasons, from celebrity squabbles to his flawless dancing abilities and amazing vocals, but it is his romantic life that has gotten the most attention.

We initially got interested in Breezy’s personal connections when he paired up with Rihanna, giving us pictures of the fairy-tale relationship we fantasized about. Unfortunately, the same relationship played out in front of our eyes (complete with a brutal beating), making us doubt Chris Brown’s sense of love.

Since then, this finest male musician has been on the quest for his soul mate. Keep scrolling Chris Brown’s relationship history below to find out who he is dated along the way.


Chris began dating Rihanna in 2007, and the two were together until their widely publicized domestic abuse lawsuit in 2009.

Breezy said in his documentary Welcome to My Life that he planned to marry Rihanna before the event.

In 2012, the pair resumed their relationship and even collaborated on music. However, they subsequently parted up.

Natalie Mejia

After Chris’ divorce from Rihanna, Natalie Mejia was rumored to be in a relationship with Chris after the two were sighted together at a tattoo shop. Natalie verified the rumors, but Chris’ representative refuted them all, saying that they were merely in the same spot at the same moment.

Erica Jackson

Following his split with RiRi, the uncommitted singer was connected to his local ex, Erica Jackson. When Chris went to Virginia, they purportedly reunited, but it appears that she was merely a rumored comeback.

Joanna Hernandez

After a series of photos together in 2009, Chris Brown was connected to supermodel Joanna Hernandez. But, nothing came of it, implying that it was either a one-night stand or maybe there were no love sparks at all!

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Breezy was seen in Miami in 2010 with ex-N.E.R.D vocalist Rhea. As the pictures were shot after a party, there is no way of knowing whether they were emotionally attached or if it was just a one-night affair!

Jasmine Sanders

Chris Brown seems to have met a prospective girlfriend in the guise of ‘Golden Barbie,’ Jasmine Sanders, in late 2010. The R&B singer would not say whether they were dating, but he revealed that they were just buddies when they were seen together again in 2019.

Simply Jess

The couple was initially seen rubbing shoulders at a Miami club in 2010, and they seemed to cuddle up for photographs throughout the years, but little more was revealed about their on-off romance.

Draya Michele

Chris Brown supposedly dated Draya Michele in 2011 for nine months before moving on to Karrueche Tran.

Fans were confused since Draya and Karrueche were pals at the time. Draya ultimately acknowledged that she and Brown were simply buddies.

Karrueche Tran

In 2011, Chris began dating Karrueche Tran, with whom he had an on-again, off-again relationship for the following several years.

When Brown reconnected with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, they momentarily split up, but they reunited when that affair collapsed.

Karrueche announced in March 2015 that she was divorcing Brown officially after learning that he was carrying a kid with Nia Guzman.

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Nia Guzman

In 2014, Chris and Nia seemed to have a one-night fling, ending his commitment to Karrueche. On the other hand, Breezy says he does not regret his adultery with Nia since it resulted in the birth of his daughter, Royalty.

Amber Rose

Amber and Chris were photographed at a party together in late 2014 when the model looked to be twerking on Brown. Amber made it plain after their meeting that she intended to be his next girlfriend, but the sentiment was not matched.

Anara Atanes

The couple was seen getting cozy in public, but it has been claimed that their short-lived affair was set up to make Chris’ ex, Karrueche, jealous. You cannot refuse that the two make a nice couple, whether it is genuine or not – but Anara is close friends with Karrueche so that does not work ultimately.

Rita Ora

Though the renowned couple claims to be “just friends,” their physical intimacy has been evident throughout the years. It is difficult to deny that they have a relationship, based on their filthy video for “Body on Me” and their proximity at award shows throughout the years. He subsequently called the British singer a ‘penggal’ in a swimsuit photo in 2018, adding fuel to their romantic connection.

Vanessa Vargas

In 2017, Chris Brown started dating model Vanessa Vargas. He even uploaded a picture of the model in lingerie on his Instagram feed and officially announced his relationship status.

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On many occasions, the couple was seen together in public. Things seemed to calm down when Chris wished Rihanna’s mother a happy birthday on one of her Instagram postings.

Agnez Mo

After photographs of the two seeming quite cozy in the studio, fans anticipate that Chris Brown was connected to Indonesian singer Agnez Mo.

Rumors of a relationship immediately spread. However, they faded once they released their duet ‘Overdose’ in July 2018.


Chris is reported to have begun dating actress Indyamarie after having met on the production of the ‘Type A Way’ in 2019.

Little is known about their purported relationship, although it is believed the two broke up when news broke that Brown was expecting a baby with Ammika Harris.

Ammika Harris

Chris Brown and model Ammika Harris were reportedly connected in 2015, and the two rekindled their affair in 2019 after being sighted in Paris together.

Before rumors spread that Ammika was carrying Breezy’s kid, the couple kept their relationship under wraps.

Aeko Catori, their child, was born in November of that year. Chris and Ammika are no longer known to be dating, but they look to be excellent buddies as they co-parent Aeko jointly.

Gina V. Huynh

Around October 2020, Chris was said to be dating Gina V. Huynh, who is rumored to have previously dated Diddy.

After Breezy’s first visit to the UK following his 2009 ban, the two were pictured together in London, but it seems they broke up shortly after.

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