Chris Hemsworth Officially Returns for Extraction 2 on Netflix

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Extraction 2: During the early period of time this, Netflix updated all of its curious audience on the platform’s top 10 most-watched movies of all time. On top of it, an obvious contender: the down and dirty, Chris Hemsworth led action thriller, Extraction. The series was produced by Russo Bros. It was directed by Avengers: Endgame stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave, who laced a 90’s political era with modern direct-to-video action. After two months into the global pandemic, the movie was a colossal hit and now for that obvious reasons, we will be getting Extraction 2 very soon as well.

Hemsworth was on hand at the Netflix Tudum fan event on Saturday where the news was broken.

“If you thought our first film pushed the limits, wait until you see what Sam and I have planned for this next installment.”

At the end of Extraction, Hemsworth’s black-ops merc Tyler Rake took a bullet to the neck while protecting Ovi. Ovi is the son of the Indian drug lord. We can expect to come back from one of those plenty ways. However, Russos now know that they are dong and Extraction now ends here. It ends on a note where a blurry figure which looks a lot like Rake surfaces in Ovi’s life again.

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Now all of this gives plenty of room to the movie for a direct sequel or maybe a prequel where the movie takes viewers to Rake’s early days in the Australian army. This means hell yes, Extraction 3 is also not far behind us.

As of now, Netflix has not announced a date for the Extraction 2 series. But Hemsworth will now be next seen in the upcoming Marvel Studios fourquel, Thor: Love and Thunder, due out on May 6, 2022. So as of now all we can do is to wait for the official confirmation from the makers regarding the upcoming movie Extraction Part 2. Stay tuned to our website for all the latest updates or news regarding Extraction 2.

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