Chris Hemsworth would have revealed the release date of the trailer for ‘Thor 4’ according to crazy theory


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With a new photograph on social networks, the renowned actor Chris Hemsworth has revealed that the advertising campaign for ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ has begun, so there will be news about it very soon and according to a crazy theory, the trailer is closer than many believe, just a few days before being presented.

It is important to note that in recent weeks, the fourth film of the god of thunder has become a trend on social networks since the release of its first promotional trailer has taken a long time compared to other Marvel films, so many fans are already looking forward to seeing it.

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However, it seems that Marvel Studios has no intention of showing the first official look at ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, as advances of the series ‘Ms. Marvel’, but the new adventure of the Asgardian is kept secret despite the fact that its release date is getting closer.

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The actor Chris Hemsworth has shared on his Instagram account a photograph where he appears with Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson, with whom he has worked to bring this new story to the cinema, where he returns as the powerful Thor, and a recent crazy theory indicates that the date of the trailer is hidden in the image.

The main idea is that each of the members of this image makes a number with their hands, which could be 04/11/22, so that the theory indicates that next Monday, April 11, the first promotional advance of this new superhero movie that promises to be a great success among MCU fans.

Thor returns to the UCM and breaks records

After the saga of infinity came to an end, the original MCU superheroes have said goodbye to the screen, such as Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain America, who have lost their lives, while Hawkeye has finally retired. and the Hulk has returned to his form as Bruce Banner, but Thor’s adventure is more than ready to continue.

With the premiere of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, this is the first and only superhero in the entire UCM who has had four solo movies, which makes Chris Hemsworth the luckiest of all those who have participated in Marvel Studios, and his next participation promises to be a great show on the big screen.

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