Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Approach Their Tenth Wedding Anniversary at Their Personal Best

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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

The model Chrissy Teigen and the singer John Legend will celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary very soon, a milestone given the ephemeral nature of so many new Hollywood marriages. The two lovers go through an idyllic moment in their love story, as the catwalk star expects her fourth child with the interpreter and, in addition, enjoys a much more satisfying and healthy lifestyle since she gave up drinking.

The couple, who lost their third child, Jack, in the 20th week of gestation, look forward to the arrival of the new member of the family, so Chrissy wants to dedicate much of her time to strengthening the close ties that unite her two offspring, Luna and Miles, in order to prepare the ground for the next changes.

“Chrissy loves being a mother. Your children and family have always been your top priority. Even when she is very busy with work, she always makes time for them. Sometimes he takes the kids to their various professional commitments, does to be with them and makes sure they have a good time,” a confidant told Entertainment Tonight.

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Likewise, the emotional “deep connection” that unites marriage has done nothing but win whole in recent times, as sources in his closest circle celebrate. Despite the emotional ups and downs derived from the disparate experiences they have shared in recent times, Chrissy and John are as in love as the first day.

“They support each other enthusiastically, both professionally and personally, and understand each other perfectly. They are very much in love and enjoy a deep connection,” the insider said.

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