Chyno Miranda’s ex denies abandoning him in his current health crisis

Itziar Morte

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Chyno Miranda

After the current health situation that Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda is going through was announced, his fans come to his defense.

On Wednesday afternoon, the singer was transferred to a private rehabilitation clinic, due to the precarious conditions in which he was in the Tía Panchita rehabilitation center in his country, where his family apparently would have admitted him.

According to a civil court, after the alleged request for action by the singer’s current girlfriend, the place where he had been for about a year, did not meet the requirements to have a person under the required care, according to the communicator Irrael Gómez.

“This decision has been agreed by a competent civil court, after having tried to make an inspection yesterday [Monday] and having entered into contempt once they verified the precarious conditions in which Chyno was,” announced the communicator next to the video of the transfer published on his social networks.

After the revelation of the situation, fans of the interpreter of ‘Mi niña bonita’, lashed out at his ex-wifeNatasha Araos, pointing out that he should help the father of his child.

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“Help your ex-husband!” one follower wrote. “He needs you, he’s your son’s dad. Set an example of empathy.”

“Help Chino, he’s the father of her child,” another noted.

Araos did not hesitate to defend himself and replied to one of the messages. “I always have and I do. Don’t worry,” she wrote alongside a red-hearted emoji.

According to Gomez, Chyno’s transfer has as its main goal to evaluate the general health status of the singer, to offer a recommendation on the appropriate treatment that will lead to his recovery.

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