Cobra Kai: A Possible Missing Character Can Return In Season 4

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‘Cobra Kai’ leaves clues about the possible return of a missing character to season 4

The departure of Nichole Brown, Aisha, was one of the most notable absences of the third installment. But what if it comes back?

It seems that one of the great absentees of season 3 of Cobra Kai could return to the Netflix original series in the fourth installment whose premiere is scheduled for the last months of 2021. According to a summary by the Screenrant film and series web portal, left more than enough clues to think that the series on martial arts and sequel to the iconic Karate Kid will bring back Aisha (Nichole Brown) in its new episodes.

Aisha, one of the few Cobra Kai students and the second person to join Johnny Lawrence’s dojo after Miguel (Xolo Mariduena), was an important part of the series in the second installment, but also the most notable absence in the third. We knew that the young woman would not appear in the episodes that Netflix premiered last January since Nichole Brown herself had confirmed it through a ‘story on the social network Instagram in which her disappointment was noted: “Officially NOT in the Cobra Kai season 3. Unfortunately, but thanks for the opportunity at this time in the series. “

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Aisha’s absence was justified in the first episode of the third season of Cobra Kai, in which it was revealed that now the young student was going to a private school. And that was it. Although the absence of the young woman was not very well received by many viewers who considered that Aisha’s point of view before certain events would have been interesting, the truth is that the possibility of having her back has not only been ruled out but several clues that have left different people involved in the story pointing in that direction.

Recapitulating, Screenrant puts on the table the first of them, which is none other than the Cobra Kai ‘showrunner’ has remained open to it from the first moment. Jon Hurwitz confirmed the actress’s departure in an interview with TVLine, in which he also revealed that the decision was not only not immovable but, in fact, made it possible for her hypothetical return to be better: “We adore Aisha. We adore Nichole Brown Certain characters that we loved in the first season didn’t appear in the entire second, like Kyler, Yasmine, and Louie. “

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Before the season, we told Nichole the same thing: Just because a character doesn’t appear for a period of time doesn’t mean they’ve left the universe, that they can’t come back again. We adore that character and maybe we’ll see her again one day

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“Sometimes it takes a few people to come out to make their comeback bigger and different,” added co-showrunner Josh Heald, who previously commented in interviews that they had never completely removed anyone from their cast of actors actresses.

Also, some actors of the series, former colleagues of Nichole Brown, do not hesitate to assure that “we see people come and go” when asked about the future of Aisha in Entertainment Weekly. A return that they do not want to confirm or deny and that they claim to know nothing about. Of course, they do not hesitate to remember the exits of Yasmine (Annalisa Cochrane) and Kyler (Joe Seo), who were not in the second but returned in the third, as an example.

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The last clue has been left by fellow producer Hayden Schlossberg, who does not want to talk much about Aisha to avoid ‘spoilers. Of course, he reiterates the arguments that his creative colleagues and other actors in the series had already shared.

With everyone counting on Aisha’s possible return as a perfectly feasible reality, we can’t help but imagine Nichole Brown’s character playing a pivotal role in the upcoming All Valley Tournament.


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