Cobra Kai Season 4: Actor who came out with the second installment spoke about his return

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Cobra Kai Season 4: Actor who came out with the second installment spoke about his return

Cobra Kai just wrapped up filming for Season 4, which will bring one of the Karate Kid’s most feared villains back into the universe. The arrival of Terry Silver with the new episodes was announced last week through the first teaser of the fourth installment of the Netflix series.

During the three seasons that Cobra Kai has under his belt, fans have become familiar with each of the characters in the series, with some of them becoming viewer favorites.

While most of the characters that make life in Cobra Kai dojos are teenagers, the second installment of the Netflix series had a karate student much older than the others, who actually became a favorite of the others. fanatics.

In season 2 of Cobra Kai, fans first saw Stingray, the funny character from the series played by Paul Walter Hauser, and who became a student of Johnny Laurence at the dojo.

However, when season 3 arrived earlier this year, fans took notice that Stingray was nowhere to be found. Stingray was one of two characters to disappear from the show, and he was last seen at the end of season 2 when he got involved in the high school brawl where Miguel (Xolo Maridueña) was seriously injured.

As Cobra Kai showrunners have revealed, characters from the universe could appear again in the series. While Stingray was in season 2, that doesn’t mean he can’t return at any future point in the series. And that, is what Hauser wants, to return to join the gang.

It was through an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about his new movie, Cruella, that Hauser revealed that he is tough on the Cobra Kai people and hopes to return to the show at some point. This was what he said:

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