Cobra Kai Season 4: Things You Must Know If You Are A Fan!

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Cobra Kai Season 4

After three seasons of Cobra Kai, it’s not over yet. With the start of the third season, Netflix announced that season 4 is already being planned. The rivalries about Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence, and John Kreese and the stories about Sam, Miguel, Robby, Tory, and Co. continue.

How? You can find out from us: All previous information about when season 4 of Cobra Kai will continue, which cast members will likely appear again, and how the plot could develop can be found below.

Season 4: When does “Cobra Kai” continue?

With the start of season 3, Netflix has already confirmed the work on the fourth season. Since the third season has only just started with ten new episodes, we shouldn’t expect a sequel before 2022 according to the known pattern.

But according to the film and series magazine ProductionWeekly (issue 1226), filming should start in mid-January. Specifically, the period from January 20. named until April 15, 2021. After subsequent post-production, the broadcast should not belong in coming. If the pandemic allows, there could be new things to see for karate kid fans in 2021.

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Also, fans of the series can expect more episodes of “Cobra Kai” even after season 4. As the series creators Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg revealed in an interview with ” TVLine “, they are planning at least one more season before reaching the “endgame” of the series.

Cobra Kai: what happens in season 3?

Season 3 follows on from season 2. Miguel is still in a coma, Robby has run away and Tory has to support her family. In the meantime, Kreese is establishing himself in “his” Cobra-Kai-Dojo, while Johnny and Daniel are not into karate. The takeover dojo under the leadership of the war veteran, about whose past we will learn a lot in season 3, continues to grow stronger and, among other things, receives growth from old bullies, which “Hawk” doesn’t like at all.

Daniel’s daughter Sam has to recover from traumatic experiences. An unsuccessful retaliatory strike by the inactive Miyagi-Dos for current quarrels is followed by an act of revenge by the Cobra Kais for Miguel’s injuries from season 2: These fell on Daniel’s students and broke Demitri’s arm, causing the powerless Sam to sink into a hole leaves.

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After the school brawl in season 2, Daniel also gets into unexpected difficulties. Due to the negative press, the Japanese client of his dealership withdraws, which forces Daniel to win back sympathy in Japan. He dares a detour to Okinawa and finds the modernized hometown of his master Mister Miyagi again – including old acquaintances from the template Karate Kid 2, who are not insignificant for Daniel’s future and the continuation of season 3.

The cast of Cobra Kai: Which actors could appear (again) in season 4?

Ralph Macchio as Daniel, William Zabka as Johnny, and Martin Kove as John Kreese should be included. As the respective top performers of the teams, we should also see Xolo Mariduena as Miguel, Mary Mouser as Sam, and Tanner Buchanan as Robby again. We would be surprised if Peyton List as Tory, Jacob Bertrand as Eli or “Hawk” and Gianni Decenzo as Demetri were missing.

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