Conspiracy theory: Did Princess Diana have a ‘secret’ daughter?

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Princess Diana

On August 31, 1997, the death of Princess Diana, when she was only 36 years old, along with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed, in a terrible car accident.

One of them is the fact that Princess Diana and Prince Charles had in addition to their sons William and Harry a secret daughter who would be named Sarah Spencer.

How did the theory of Princess Diana’s secret daughter and Prince Charles come about?

In April 2015 The Globe magazine caused great controversy by publishing the story of Lady Di’s “secret” daughter. These reports indicate that, when the engagement between Princess Diana and Prince Charles was announced, the English Royal House wanted to make sure that she was fertile, so she underwent several medical check-ups.

Doctors from the royal family extracted eggs from Diana to fertilize them with Charles’ semen. However, one of the eggs would have been stolen by a doctor and implanted in his wife. The source would have pointed out: “In theory, the egg should be destroyed, but a doctor stole it and secretly implanted it in his wife.”

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Nine months later, a girl named Sarah would have arrived in the world. The outlet said the little girl was born 10 weeks after the royal wedding, that is, in October 1981.

The Globe noted that Sarah was eight months older than Diana’s firstborn, Prince William, who was born on June 21, 1982, so they would have decided to keep it a secret. In a second post, The Globe reported that William would have wanted to meet his sister. Although a meeting would have been planned, in the end it was his wife Kate Middleton who would attend.

After a brief interview in the United States, the Duchess of Cambridge would have been very impressed by the resemblance between Sarah and Princess Diana.

To prove her story, The Globe would have published the image of the alleged Sarah Spencer, with which they would demonstrate the great resemblance she has with Lady Di. The media highlighted that Sarah Spencer learned of her origin when her parents died, although previously people had already mentioned her resemblance to the princess.

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Following the publication of the story, Sarah Spencer was said to have adopted a different identity, changed her residence to another city and stayed away from the media, allegedly receiving threats.

While there are no official statements about what was reported, this news has gone around the world. However, Michael Thorton, an expert on royalty, revealed to the Daily Mail that the theory put forward by The Globe was false, since the photo showing the alleged Sarah Spencer was actually a photomontage with the face of Lady Diana.

Amid the controversy over the existence of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ secret daughter, it became known that this story could be fiction. In 2011, the novel ‘The Disappearance of Olivia’ signed by Nancy E. Ryan was published, which tells the story of Olivia Franklin, a pediatrician who admires Princess Diana and wants to look like her. Suddenly, she discovers that she really is the secret daughter of the late Lady Di.

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The novel points out that Olivia Franklin is the result of an in vitro pregnancy that was obtained from fertility tests that had been done to the future princess.

When the novel was published, many people interpreted that the story could be based on real events, although this version could never be proven.

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