Corinne Foxx Opens Up About Her Latest Regimen

Is Jamie Foxx back on his feet? His daughter Corinne reveals her next move

After a difficult year, Jamie Foxx appears to be back on his feet. The acclaimed actor and musician faced significant personal challenges in 2020, but his recent activities suggest a return to form.

Foxx was spotted on the set of his latest film, “All-Star Weekend,” in late September. Photos from the set showed the star looking relaxed and focused, surrounded by cast and crew members.

The news of Foxx’s return to work was warmly received by fans, who have been eagerly anticipating his next move. However, it was Foxx’s daughter Corinne who recently shed light on what that next move might be.

In an interview with MSN, Corinne revealed that she and her father are developing a new project together. “We’re working on something that’s really special to us both,” she said. “I can’t say too much right now, but it’s definitely something that’s very close to our hearts.”

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Corinne, who is a producer and actor in her own right, declined to reveal any details about the project, but it’s clear that she and her father share a passion for creative collaboration. She also spoke about how proud she is of her father’s perseverance in the face of adversity.

“He’s always been an inspiration to me,” Corinne said. “He’s always been someone who’s taught me to never give up, no matter what obstacles you face. Seeing him come out of this challenging time and get back to doing what he loves is really inspiring.”

Fans of Jamie Foxx can take heart in the news that he is back on his feet and working on new projects. With his daughter Corinne by his side, he is sure to continue to delight audiences with his talent and passion for years to come.

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