Couple attacked by Ezra Miller in Hawaii, withdraw their restraining order


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Last week was one of many moves for Warner Bros, as Ezra Miller, star of ‘The Flash’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts’, would have been the center of a scandal in Hilo, Hawaii. Supposedly, the company would have considered his continuity, however, now the actor receives good news, because the couple who attacked in the incident has withdrawn their restraining order.

It was on March 27 when Ezra Miller was arrested for disturbing the order in a bar in Hawaii, and then threatening and attacking a couple in their own home. The couple filed a restraining order for the actor, after incidents reported by the police as “yelling obscenities” and “threatening to kill them.”

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After the events, Ezra Miller was arrested and released after paying a sum of US$500. The controversy reached Warner Bros, who quickly came out to clarify the actor’s situation within the company, after rumors about his dismissal and replacement went viral, claiming that they would not take action on the matter.

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Now, The Hollywood Reporter reports that the order issued on April 1 was withdrawn by the attacked couple, but the representative judge has not given details of the reasons behind this decision. In the first instance, the victims filed the order in fear that Ezra Miller could harm them in the future.

Ezra Miller and the problems on the set of ‘The Flash’

The situation with Ezra Miller is becoming more complicated at Warner, as reports from Rolling Stone assure that during the filming of ‘The Flash’, the actor went through “nervous breakdowns” that, although they were never violent, aroused the studio’s concern for the mental health of the protagonist.

Supposedly the actor would also have gone through complications in his concentration to record his parts, although Warner and DC Comics did not consider replacing him in future productions due to recent controversies. And although many fans called for his replacement from the DCEU, at this point in ‘The Flash’ finished, it would be a serious step backwards for the company.

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Multiple delays of ‘The Flash’ put it on June 23, 2023, although Warners never made clear the reasons for changing its release date. However, one more year of waiting for this film could be detrimental to its future productions, and to the fans who have been waiting for a long time.

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