Create a Perfect 3-Course Menu for Lunar New Year Celebrations

Jonny Hector

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This Chinese New Year, Hong Kong chef Christian Yang has offered a glimpse at traditional dishes, customs and symbols which make up the unique atmosphere of the period. According to Yang, dishes are often chosen with special symbols in mind, with fish (Yù, in Chinese) being omnipresent.

To recreate the festive atmosphere, a trio of well-known food bloggers partnered with Yang to create a menu based on his tips and insights. The key ingredients plus the symbolism behind them were highlighted in the delectable menu, from traditional Hargao steamed bites to whole fish, suggestive of an abundant future, plus more.

The trio discussed their cooking experience with Yang over an online chat session. During the exchange, they were able to find out more about the ingredients, prohibited dishes and number of dishes expected for the occasion. For example, the pronunciation of some ingredients or dishes can mean “fortune”.

The bloggers have a range of cooking experience when it comes to Chinese cuisine, but their advice to make the Chinese New Year menu a success is the same: take your time, choose quality ingredients and don’t be afraid to try.

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So, why not make a start on your own Chinese New Year celebration with a delicious and symbolic meal? Xīnnián kuàilè – Happy New Year!

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