Criminal Minds: This is the worst episode of season 13 according to critics and fans

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Criminal Minds: This is the worst episode of season 13 according to critics and fans

Criminal Minds for 15 seasons kept viewers glued to every case the murderous minds Behavioral Analysis Unit had to solve, all but one. Each chapter played with the minds of the fans of this CBS series, but in season 13 there was one that the audience rejected and still avoids seeing it when it goes to refresh or a marathon of this program is launched.

This series broadcast more than 300 episodes, but there was one in particular that did not receive the acceptance of the public who enjoyed analyzing and putting together the puzzle to find the culprit of the crimes that arose each time. According to a poll based on IMDb ratings, there’s one episode in season 13 that fans never want to see again.

This is the case of episode 8 “Neon terror” of season 13 which was not and is not one of the public’s favorites. Despite not being so badly rated 7 out of 10, the reviews it got negatively highlight it as the worst episode of the series since they mention it more than a thousand times to point out how bad it is.

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Apparently what the followers of Criminal Minds liked least was the predictability of the chapter, since they were accustomed to certain levels of complexity and confusion in the plot and this time they failed to locate the murderer ahead of the investigative unit, relegating it and taking away the merit it has always had to solve crimes.

The reactions of the fans are decisive for each episode and “Neon Terror” received the harshest criticism with irrefutable explanations and arguments, which places it in the last position of the chapters of this series so remembered by all and that no matter how much some have described as a good episode, comments like it was a bit predictable, ended the suspense and tension characteristic of the series.

“While there are some nice character moments, a part of me wishes that some, like Rossi, were explored more, both in development and in screen time. While it’s surprising at first, the ending also becomes too rushed and the predictability cushions the initial shock somewhat,” was the opinion of one of the fans.

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CBS’s Criminal Minds will always be at the top of the best crime series and will be highlighted by the performances of Matthew Gray Gubler (Spencer Reed), AJ Cook as the beautiful (Jennifer “JJ” Jareau), Joe Mantegna (David Rossi) and Adam Rodriguez (Luke Alvez) among others.

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