Criminal Minds: What Happened to Thomas Gibson After He Was Fired for Kicking a Producer?

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Every year, a slew of new programs arrive, hoping to find a place in a packed schedule where they can begin a long-term program. The fact is that for every hitting program like Friends, The Office, there is a slew of forgotten shows that barely endure a few episodes. It takes a lot to keep a program going for years, and followers of Criminal Minds realize that the show hit the mark straight away.

Thomas Gibson played Hotch for a considerable duration of the show, although he was later sacked from the smash-hit program. The revelation stunned his fans, and conjecture about his resignation began almost immediately.

Let us have a look at what happened to Thomas Gibson after being fired from Criminal Minds.

From 2005 to 2016, he was a recurring character in the show

It is not very usual that a skilled actor like Thomas Gibson gets fired from a popular TV show, but there was a lot of stuff going on in this case.  People were startled by his termination, which happened after he had been a constant on Criminal Minds since the show’s inception.

According to, Gibson originally featured in the first season of the program in 2005 and has starred in 256 episodes. Most programs are fortunate to be carried up for a second season, but Thomas Gibson had been on the program for consecutive 12 seasons by the time he was fired.

Gibson was not a newcomer to television; before appearing on Criminal Minds, he had previously starred on a number of series that had a long run on television. Gibson played on both Dharma & Greg and Chicago Hope, which means he was a television fixture for more than a decade before receiving his greatest role.

Hotch may not be the most likable figure on Criminal Minds, but he’s an important component of the program, having been there from the beginning and developing connections with everyone else. As a result, when Gibson’s firing was revealed, supporters instantly became skeptical of what was happening.

When the specifics of his termination became public, fans instantly realized that the studio might have made the correct choice.

He was fired due to a severe altercation.

Performing onset should be a secure and healthful atmosphere for everyone, and any physical altercation should be handled appropriately. As a consequence of this, Thomas Gibson was sacked from Criminal Minds.

Gibson allegedly threw producer Virgil Williams offset, which is stupid and immature conduct that has no purpose on set. Gibson’s violent outburst was his second in so many years, with the first occurring in 2010. This pattern of conduct did not sit well with the hierarchy, and he was fired as a result.

He adores ‘Criminal Minds’ and has thrown his heart and spirit into it for the past twelve years, Gibson said in a message. He had wanted to see it till completion, but that is no longer feasible. He expressed his gratitude to the authors, producers, performers, other incredible staff, and, most importantly, the greatest fans a show could dream for.

Aside from his angry behavior, Gibson had a number of other issues throughout his time on the program. According to Variety, Gibson had a strained relationship with other cast members and had been convicted for DUI at once. He lost his work as a result of his frequent transgressions.

Despite the first shock, viewers of the program recognized that everything had to keep moving along with the overarching plot.

What has Thomas Gibson been doing after ‘Criminal Minds’ ended?

Gibson’s profession has been pretty calm since his abrupt departure from Criminal Minds, according to IMDb. He starred in the movie Axis in 2017. His Criminal Minds college Aisha Taylor directed the film. He also appeared in the episodes of the television show Shadow Wolves. He portrays the chief of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) terrorist section, who oversees an elite force of Native American spies for the US government. In addition, he will appear in the forthcoming film The Writer’s Bible.

Many Criminal Minds followers were expecting a cameo from Gibson in the program’s series finale. While Hotch actually appeared in a flashback using archival material, he did not make a fresh appearance, much to the dismay of several fans.

Without him, the show went on.

One aspect that Criminal Minds has excelled at over the seasons is keeping the show going even after a cast member has departed. Though Gibson is the series’ star, Criminal Minds would go on without his presence.

According to IMDb, the program will broadcast for many more seasons until coming to an end in 2020. Though Gibson did not stay on stage until the very end, as he had wanted, the program ran well without him.

Since being dismissed from Criminal Minds, Gibson has still not taken on many parts, and one has to ask whether this is by purpose or because studios are hesitant to deal with someone who has a nasty record.

How did the writers of Criminal Minds phase Hotch out?

Gibson’s abrupt departure from Criminal Minds left viewers with a lot of unanswered questions. Hotch, his character, entered the Witness Protection Program to defend himself and his child from Mr. Scratch, a serial murderer. A few months after the onset brawl, Criminals Minds creator Erica Messer discussed how they handle the Gibson out of the tale during a conversation with TV Guide.

She believed something major had to have occurred while they said he was on temporary assignment since she had not had a chance to meet Thomas again to physically sketch out the character. For 12 seasons, audiences had loved and admired this character. She was desperate to be able to send him goodbye in a manner that seemed true to his character. She believes that all of Hotch’s fans would believe that he was also a fantastic parent. He had been through so much sorrow since viewers first saw him, and he would not endanger his life or that of his kid for the job again. He is the hero, and he is incredible, yet he would never leave Jack as an orphan. That is how she approached the left off. 

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