Criminal Minds: What happened to Thomas Gibson after their fight on the set of the drama

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Criminal Minds: What happened to Thomas Gibson after their fight on the set of the drama

Criminal Minds, the criminologist drama that followed the team members of the behavioral analysis and psychological profiler unit known as the BAU, has run for 15 seasons on the CBS broadcast network since it premiered in September 2005. The series became one of the most watched on television, but it came to an end in February 2020.

The successful series managed to capture the attention of millions of viewers around the world, not only because of its fascinating and dark plot that showed the most heinous crimes on television, which could only be bought with the stories narrated in the programs of the CSI franchise. .

The cast of Criminal Minds was also a fundamental part of the program, since while each episode focused on the central stories, these were mixed with narrative arguments that had to do with the personal lives of the agents of the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit. .

Since it premiered in 2005, Criminal Minds fans have gotten up close and personal with Aaron Hotchner, the head of the BAU. A character, who was masterfully played by Thomas Gibson until season 12, in which he appeared briefly before disappearing entirely, as a result of his dismissal from the series.

As many may recall, Thomas Gibson made an abrupt exit from Criminal Minds in 2016, after kicking one of the hit show’s producers during an argument over established lines in the script. The long-running crime drama explained his absence by narrating that Hotchner had been sent on special assignment. But, the reality was associated with his aggressive behavior on the set of the series.

Following his departure from Criminal Minds, many fans of the CBS crime drama have been wondering what happened to Thomas Gibson following his altercation on the show’s set. Apparently, the former Criminal Minds star hasn’t been doing too well in show business following his departure from the CBS show.

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According to the specialized site IMDb, in 2017 he lent his voice to the film Axis, which was directed by his Criminal Minds co-star Aisha Taylor. The interpreter of Hotcher, he also starred in the television show called Shadow Wolves in 2019 as Colonel Branson. According to the page, he will star in the upcoming film The Writer’s Bible, which is currently in post-production.

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