Criminal Minds: What we suspected about the least popular character of the famous series

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Criminal Minds: What we suspected about the least popular character of the famous series

Criminal Minds, just two years after ending its broadcasts on CBS and with the announcement by Paramount+ about the soon return of the famous team of criminal profilers from the FBI, has once again awakened nostalgia for the most prominent characters who have gone through the fiction throughout 15 on the air, including one of the least popular as is the case of Elle Greenaway played by actress Lola Glaudini.

Although it is true that there is still no official announcement of the terms in which the iconic police series will return, it has been speculated that some of the original cast members who were part of the fictional Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU for its acronym in English) would be Joe Mantegna, Kirsten Vangsness, Adam Rodriguez, AJ Cook, Aisha Tyler and Paget Brewster, since they have repeatedly expressed their availability to return, obviously with their respective contractual negotiations with the production in between.

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As will be remembered, the fact that the series made an announced closure and ceased the transmission of new episodes in February 2020 on the US network, was not an obstacle to positioning it as one of the greatest successes on international platforms that provide streaming service. Criminal Minds became the third most watched show of 2020, behind Grey’s Anatomy and The Office. While the 2021 Criminal Minds entered the top 10 most played series according to the well-known data measurement company Nielsen.

It is in this order of ideas that it is not surprising that the followers of the program continue to be interested in any interesting detail that surrounded the production, even those related to the characters considered less popular, one of them is Elle Greenaway personified by Lola Glaudini. Despite having had a short time in the program compared to the rest, the arc that she presented in fiction was controversial enough not to be easily forgotten.

Elle Greenaway was featured on-screen from the very debut of Criminal Minds during season 1. But her on-screen presence in that role only lasted until the second installment, having the questionable honor of being the first member of the team to have the first outing. program controversy. Initially, Greenaway developed as an excellent agent specializing in crimes of sexual crimes, but an unexpected dramatic turn of hers caused her to be shot by a criminal who was waiting for her in her apartment, leaving her seriously injured.

Glaudini’s character joins the series in the second season, but to the surprise of fans, her return only served to show how deeply affected the profiler had been, despite pretending otherwise in front of the rest of the team. This situation finally exploded and led her to kill a rapist in cold blood and pretend that it had happened in self-defense of her. Which marked the beginning of the end and a perfect excuse for the character’s departure from the show.

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It was to be expected that such a dark character arc for one of the protagonists of the series, would cause his fans to begin to speculate what reasons led the creative writers to such an exit. It was learned that the artist’s reasons for leaving a program that was beginning to gain fame and notoriety in the entertainment industry was because she was not happy with her work, especially because she did not like living in the city of Los Angeles where The filming of the series was taking place, so he asked to leave so he could move to New York.

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