CSI Miami: What we suspected about the real reasons for canceling the series

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CSI Miami: What we suspected about the real reasons for canceling the series

The success of the CSI Miami series since its debut, as one of the most popular shows in the trilogy that began with CSI: Las Vegas in 2000 and was later completed with CSI: New York in 2004, led it to air for 10 seasons until an inevitable ending in the year 2012 that is still shrouded in some controversy despite being a decade old. At the time that the CBS network announced the cancellation of the show, the rumors did not wait about the real reasons behind that decision, so much so that it is still a matter of debate among its most loyal fans.

About to celebrate 10 years since its last episode aired in April 2012, CSI Miami still remains in the public’s memory as one of the most watched police series in the world. One of the characteristics that stands out from the rest of the shows of its kind is that over time it had a large and varied cast led by actor David Caruso in the role of the iconic Lieutenant Horatio Caine, as the head of a elite team of forensic specialists.

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From its first seasons, the series enjoyed good audience levels, with a story that had as a backdrop the typical festive atmosphere of the city of Miami but which in turn revolves around terrible criminal cases that the Laboratory team must investigate. of Criminalistics under the direction of Caine. A forensic analyst, and former homicide detective and bomb disposal officer, tasked with solving and finding the culprits of the most complicated and unexplained murders.

However, not even the popularity of the show, whose format sets it apart from the rest of its peers in the trilogy by having the relaxed atmosphere of Miami’s beaches as its backdrop, could prevent its going off the air. Although her fans protested not being able to see new episodes of the show, they had been suspecting for some seasons that the end would be inevitable despite being public knowledge that CBS had bet heavily on her. Especially since the moment abrupt departures of members of the main cast began to appear.

Important actors were leaving the series for different reasons, which in the long run seriously affected its popularity for seasons 9 and 10, which meant an unnecessary expense to continue its production that CBS was not willing to continue assuming. In an attempt to rescue her, her still hopeful fans saw on screen the return of some of her most admired characters from the past as special guests, but it was evident that this resource did not do much to raise the rating numbers.

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The departures most lamented by fans and that in perspective many still believe contributed to the beginning of the end of the series were especially: actress Kim Delaney as Lieutenant Megan Donne (in the first season), Rory Cochrane as Detective Timothy Speedle (character who came out in the third installment after dying tragically), Sofia Milos as detective Yelina Salas (in the third season) Khandi Alexander as Dr. Alexx Woods (until the sixth season) and Eddie Cibrian as detective Jesse Cardoza ( only managed to be during season 8 and an episode of 9).

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