CSI Miami: What we suspected about what was one of the most famous phrases of the series

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CSI Miami: What we suspected about what was one of the most famous phrases of the series

CSI Miami continues to be listed as one of the most popular shows that premiered in 2002 as part of the trilogy started with CSI: Las Vegas in 2000 and later completed with CSI: New York in 2004. The show was on screen for 10 seasons, which saw their end in 2012 not without some controversy due to the ups and downs in audience levels, however today it is still a source of interest among the new generations who discover it on the different transmission platforms.

The fact that CSI Miami celebrates 10 years this April of not broadcasting new episodes, the famous police drama remains in the memory of the public as one of the most watched productions of its genre in the world. Among the most commented characteristics and that were very evident over time, is the large group of performers who appeared in fiction led by actor David Caruso in the role of the iconic Lieutenant Horatio Caine, as the head of an elite team of forensic specialists.

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From the cast that was part of CSI: Miami, everyone remembers Adam Rodríguez in the role of detective Eric Delko, considered one of the most important original characters on the show. However, in the eighth season of the show, Rodríguez’s role was drastically reduced to a recurring role, which caused many rumors about problems with the production and the CBS network that were extinguished in part by a relative return in the ninth installment.

Then it transpired that everything was due to an impasse in the contract negotiations with the actor. The presence of detective Eric Delko in the CSI Miami series was one of the favorites of the public, especially because of his characteristic sharpness when it came to pronouncing his dialogues, he always seemed to have the perfect lines at the right time. His witty charm brought an interesting twist to the series that sometimes needed a break after solving those particularly tragic and difficult cases. It is precisely his comments that have generated a debate about which has been the most popular and, apparently, a consensus was reached,

The followers of the show still clearly remember a particular phrase of the character of Adam Rodríguez during the second season of the program. Specifically in the sixth episode entitled “Hurricane Anthony”, in which viewers witnessed the work of the Miami Dade Police Crime Laboratory team against the backdrop of a terrible tropical storm devastating the city and leaving a great chaos with some victims in its path.

It is during that episode that the forensic team discovered that not all of the victims were due to the hurricane, but also due to the crimes of one killer in particular. As expected after intense investigations solve the case. This causes a scene in which detective Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) gets up to leave, but not before making a comment about taking the positive side of a case like that, and that is that the criminal was found thanks to the fact that the car of one of the victims hit the killer in the midst of the disaster caused by the hurricane.

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It is at that moment that Detective Delko jokes and pronounces a phrase that would remain in the minds of all CSI Miami fans, because it not only makes the viewers laugh, but also because it is perfectly in sync with the case they had been investigating. the agents after the hurricane and coincides with the arc of both characters who in the first season had been creating a situation of romance.

“I’ll leave it up to you, Calleigh, finding something good to get out of in a hurricane is what you have against me.”

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