CSI: Vegas: Cast Member Discusses Catherine Willows’ Curious Return

CSI: Vegas: Cast Member Discusses Catherine Willows' Curious Return

Ever since the CBS television network announced the return of CSI as CSI: Vegas, fans have been surprised by the first season that revealed the return of some popular characters such as Gil Grissom (William Petersen) and Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox). But, the new show has a new generation with actors Matt Lauria, Paula Newsome, Mandeep Dhillon, Mel Rodriguez, so some of them have had their say for the returning veterans.

Actor Matt Lauria, who plays Joshua “Josh” Folsom, a Tier III CSI who is often the lead investigator on cases and pretty much the new face of CSI: Vegas, has spoken out about the return of Catherine’s actress. Willows, Marg Helgeberger, for Season 2 of the show which is in production. According to the information that has been revealed, Helgeberger received a one-year contract, so we will probably see her in all the episodes.

During an interview for ET, Lauria revealed her feelings and the meaning behind Helgenberger’s return to the CSI franchise. At first, the actor assured that he was elated by the great opportunity to work with her, who is a legend in the series. Furthermore, he explains that her return will bring an interesting point of view since both characters share a common background.

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“She is responsible for our facilities. We have similar backgrounds. It is possible that we come from a similar stock. It will be interesting to see how that can come to fruition. I can’t really reveal too much, but I hope there is something there.”

Sadly, Lauria couldn’t reveal much more than that, but it looks like her and Helgenberger’s characters will share a lot of scenes together in CSI: Vegas Season 2, as there may be a silver lining to their exchange. According to the information that has been revealed, the next installment will explore more ideas and stories than the previous one.

So far it is known that the first season briefly touched on Josh’s mysterious past and family background, which bears some similarities to that of Catherine Willows, as she also had a difficult chapter in her life prior to her interest in working in criminology. .

Due to his limited contract deal, it’s not yet clear how long Helgenberger will remain on the new CSI Vegas series, but it appears the show is bringing veterans back to wrap up their stories, just as it did in the first installment’s finale with Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle, in which an outing is prepared for them.

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On the other hand, and curiously, actor Matt Lauria appeared in some episodes as FBI agent Matthew in the original installment. So for some fans who closely follow the show, they often feel confused by his new character.

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