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Better Call Saul

One can roughly divide people into several categories. While one is indifferent to TV shows and movies, another adores arranging movie marathons and doesn’t mind spending the whole weekend on such entertainment. The latter category is afraid to miss out on any info about the cult projects. They have been watching some TV series for many years and are not ready to say goodbye to them. Nevertheless, all things end sooner or later, and TV shows are not an exception. The pandemic has just delayed this moment, so many new projects will replace some favorites that have already come to their logical end. Thus, if you want to spend time with your beloved characters and watch all the scheduled episodes, you need to delegate a part of your workload. The easiest and one of the most effective ways is to pay to have homework done. So, you will clear up your schedule and have enough time to immerse yourself in watching the last season of some cult TV shows.

Better Call Saul

Many people know that it is a spinoff of another cult TV series, Breaking Bad, which fills its blanks. It appeared on the big screens in 2015 and managed to earn high ratings among movie admirers. Thus, many people cannot believe that the sixth season will become the last one. Nonetheless, as a consolation, they will enjoy thirteen episodes instead of the usual ten. If you are fond of crime drama projects but haven’t watched this TV show for some reason, it is high time to fix it.

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Dead To Me

It is considered one of the best dark comedies created by Netflix, and it has been announced that its third season will become the final one. You will get acquainted with two friends who seem too different to maintain such a close relationship. However, they both have dark secrets. For example, one woman had accidentally killed another one’s husband before they met. How cool is that? The TV show is full of cliffhangers and outstanding twists, so the last season is intended to answer a wide range of questions from the previous season. You can expect to watch it in the second half of the year.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

This show can be called a mammoth since it can boast of twenty seasons that appeared on the screens for fourteen years. Thus, the latest generations have been growing up together with the show. It is hard to believe that this TV project will finally be over. Kim wrote on her Instagram that it was a hard decision since this project has boosted the careers of all family members and played a tremendous role in their lives. If you are its admirer, you shouldn’t miss it out.

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When it comes to the best TV series ever created by Netflix, one cannot but mention Ozark. This drama has managed to win different awards and gather a big fan base during the previous three seasons, so the news that the fourth one would be the last became an unpleasant surprise for its devoted fans. The upcoming season will be divided into two parts, and while the first one is likely to appear on screens this year, the last one has all the chances to show up in the next one.


When Netflix decided to continue this cult fantasy drama after the Fox company shut down the project after the third season, its devoted fans went crazy from happiness. Many people claimed that the TV show became even better after all the changes, and increased ratings proved this statement. The second part of the fifth season is expected to appear in 2021, and there are all the chances that the first episodes of the sixth season will show up before Christmas.


Sometimes, the best thing you can do is to stop on time. Even though this comedy-drama has become a real hit, its seventh season will be the last one. Indeed, its plot suggests that a woman in her 40s pretends to be a millennial to get a job, but if seven years ago it looked somehow realistic, today it is far from the case. Even though the main actress still looks great for her age, it is high time to finish this TV project. There are rumors that they may create a spinoff focused on the life of another key character, played by Hilary Duff.

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Judge Judy

While the show with the Kardashian clan has lasted for fourteen years, this one has occupied the screen time for twenty-five already. Can you imagine how many generations have raised together with this arbitration reality court show? Even though it comes to an end this year, its director has already started working on a new project.

The Bold Type

Many women missed the atmosphere of Sex and the City, which stood out with women’s friendship, talks, relationships, and support. It might be one of the reasons why The Bold Type has become so much popular. Indeed, it has managed to cover many topics women are interested in, starting with fashion and acute social issues we face daily. The last season will consist of a smaller number of series than previous ones. So, if you want to spend a night in a great women’s company, you should devote time to the six episodes of this stunning TV show.

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