Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin: The Love Story Fans Want To See Completed

Farwa Raza

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Quick Pickup:

  • For several weeks the media specialized in celebrities reported what appeared to be the engagement between Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin.
  • It all started when the actress was caught with a huge emerald ring on her ring finger and that she decided not to take off at any time, as confirmed now with the new photos of the actress circulating on social networks.

The “50 Shades” star did it again this weekend in the middle of a walkthrough in Los Angeles wearing flared jeans and urban sneakers with a scarf that he usually wears as a chinstrap. At the moment Chris Martin or Dakota Johnson have confirmed the rumors, but everything indicates that there is an obvious commitment between them.

In addition, the couple is known to be strictly suspicious of everything that has to do with their private lives and it is a technique that, to tell the truth, has served them so far. The Coldplay frontman did the same while married to actress Gwyneth Paltrow, with whom he had two children: Apple and Moses.

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The star of the saga ” The Avengers ” started his personal business called Goop, a website where he markets wellness products and offers tips on the same topic. On the same platform Gwyneth Paltrow revealed that although she had problems with Chris Martin at one point in the relationship, it was never her part to separate.

“I learned a lot about something that was the last thing I wanted in this world. Because I never wanted a divorce. I never wanted to not be married to the father of my children. But I have learned more about myself during that process than I ever imagined, ”the actress said during the Unqualified podcast by actress Anna Faris.

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