‘Darling In The Franxx’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

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This amazing anime Darling in The Franxx fiction anime has won multiple hearts, and naturally, fans are now wondering when they will be getting a second season. It is a Japanese science fiction and romance drama that was produced by CloverWorks. It is the same company that handles all the animations. Luckily the show was also announced at Trigger’s Anime Expo 2017 back in July 2017.

The international distribution of the anime also began at the same time as its domestic release. Darling In The Franxx is a mecha anime series that takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where both adults and children stay separated from one another. It all started in the month of July 2018 when the first episode of season 1 aired.

But there was very little information available out there regarding the second season of Darling in The FranXX anime. It’s been more than two years to this, and fans are still hoping for a season 2. Let’s further discuss Darling in the FranXX season 2 release date, cast, plot, and more.

Release Date Of The Second Season Of ‘Darling In The Franxx’

Unfortunately, the makers have not confirmed the second season of the show yet. However, we have many reasons to believe that Darling in The FranXX will be back with another new season. The show that was premiered back in 2018 under the collaboration of Studio Trigger and CloverWorks received immense love from the audience and critics as well.

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This stems from the possibility of bringing up the new season for a second season pretty soon. Most probably, it will again be a joint venture of Studio Trigger and CloverWorks. However, before jumping to any final conclusion, it is always best to wait for an official announcement or confirmation. We will keep you updated as soon as we get any official announcements from the makers.

Expected Plot of Season 2 ‘Darling In The Franxx’

If we actually see how the show ended, then we guess that season 2 will begin with a fresh start. The show’s finale also saw Zero and Hiro sacrificing their lives to destroy the hive of aliens. Besides that, the finale also showed that the survivors are trying their best to rebuild their world, but the main villain has promised to return one day and has remained to create an even bigger mess.

After thousands of years, both Hiro and Zero Two are reincarnated, and they meet each other once again. They are considering all of that. We can expect that season 2 of the show will come as a prequel of the show. Or it can also be picked up after the events of the reincarnation of Zero Two and Hiro as they face a very new threat of re-emergence of the Klaxosaurs.

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Popular Characters That Might Re-Appear In Darling In The FranXX Season 2

If you are one of the fans of the show, then you may know which characters will indeed return to the show for the second season. For obvious reasons, Hiro and Zero Two are definitely on the top of that list. Other than that, we can see Goro coming back to reprise his role in the second season. Goro is a true connection as a character and gives the series a deep introspective moment.

Additionally, we will see Zorome, AKA code 666, coming back even though he is not a beloved character but has become a significant one. Other characters we will be seeing in the second of the show include Ikuno, who has a lesbian angle in the show and has attracted attention from the fans. Kokoro is a warm personality of the show who is truly the heart of Darling in the FranXX. Other characters include Futoshi, Mitsuru, Miku, Nana, and Zorome.

Trailer Of Darling In The FranXX Season 2

The trailer for the second season of Darling In The FranXX is not available at the moment. The show has also not been renewed yet. So we will have to keep our eyes open and will update the news as soon as we get anything from the makers. We have seen many animes being renewed after a decade, so we can’t lose hope for this one as well.

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Also, there are no spoilers available for the show because it has not been renewed yet. But fans, you should not lose any hopes because there is still a chance that the show will be renewed sometime down the line. If you wish to watch the show, then English dubbed episodes can be found on Funimation.

We will keep our eyes and ears wide open for all the updates, and as soon as we get them, we will put them in our articles. Until then, stay tuned to our website for all the latest updates regarding your favorite anime series right here. This Japanese science fiction anime won million of hearts let’s see how the second season goes by. Are you waiting for Darling In The FranXX Season 2? Answer us in the comments section below!

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